A lion. Also a type of beer.
Eno ga tamo lav! Bezi odavde!
by ?????????! November 29, 2006
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A really sexy dude who can get all the girls and is sweet and caring and funny. Your parents want you to date him. The girls want him, and the guys want to be him.

He has your mom's number in his phone as MILF.
OMG look its Lav!
Bro.. i wish i was like him, he's so sexy.

Mom, look thats the hot dude i was talking about!!
Woah. Ima put my # in his phone as MILF
by The Davee September 26, 2011
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To lick a vagina. To perform oral sex on a female.
That chick didnt wanna do me, she would probably rather L a V.
by HawtSauce October 09, 2006
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to lather yourself in poop or shampoo, or bubbles.
when i went to my backyard i laved myself in my doggies poop.
when i went to the salon they laved my hair with shampoo.
by caflasknic April 23, 2010
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The gayest word anyone has ever created because you cant say this out loud without looking and sounding like a fucking idiot.
"I lav you.:)"
"Shut the fuck up and sit back down you dumb bitch."

"I lav you."
"Stop talking before i shove my lav 25 down your throat."
by Sarmen Sinanian October 04, 2006
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