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The language of the ancient Romans that is the mother of Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Romanian. People think it's an easy language to learn and succeed because no one really speaks it. WRONG. Most people can't differentiate between a case and a declension, let alone understand all verb conjugations. So therefore, only intelligent, sexy people can speak it.
I like Latin. It took me a while to figure out how to say these:

Futue te ipsum.
(Fuck yourself!)

Fella mea mentula!
(Suck my dick!)

Tune futuere egeis?
(Wanna fuck?)

Tu quam pepedisti oleis!
(You smell like you farted!)
by Flirm Li February 11, 2010

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1) a) What people who buy the iPhone 4 on Verizon now will be when the iPhone 5 comes out in the Summer.

b) What any person who buys an Apple product is in less than six months from purchase when a newer, upgraded (or cheaper) version is released.
a) bought the iPhone as soon as he could when the iPhone 4 came out on Verizon; now, he's contractually stuck with it even though the far superior iPhone 5 was released. He sure got iPoned!

b) I bought a MacBook last July. Now, Apple sells the same laptop is 300 dollars cheaper. I was iPoned so badly.
by Flirm Li January 19, 2011

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To park a pickup truck with food in the bed in the middle of the slums and hide in the cab and when hobos get in the bed of the truck the driver speeds away, bringing the hobos with him for his own nefarious purposes.
I went hobo fishing yesterday. Now 11 hobos are locked up in my shed.
by Flirm Li December 28, 2010

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A large, successful enterprise built around drugs that produce euphoric highs.
The Drug Dealers' Alliance (DDA) ran a successful hempire.
by Flirm Li October 30, 2010

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The feeling of superiority that comes over an intelligent person when they watch their Nostradumbass friends spout on about how Nostradamus predicted events.
As Leonard watched Martin go on about Nostradamus, a feeling of nostradamusement came over him.
by Flirm Li February 03, 2010

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