john: i hate latin
jean: pourquoi?
john: it has like 5 declensions, three genders, several cases
jean: je suis d'accord
by iBenqal May 12, 2022
the series of steps in someone or something's downfall. aka the great descent of something that was once renowned or prominent.
"Boy those f*cking steroid scandals were really the declension of the MLB."

"Damn, the declension of Mike Tyson was started when he bit off Holyfields ear, but finished when he acted in 'The Hangover'."

"I'll tell you what, the declension of young white men, himself, sits in the oval office twittling his thumbs on the fact that he and his BETTER HALF attract more women than a fucking big dick festival."
by fuckyourselv12 May 28, 2009
What your bung hole does after leaving the vehicle driven by an erratic crazy driver.
“Wow, my body is going through serious declension after riding with dad!”
by Caspie104 January 22, 2023