A guy whose prophecies pertaining to the end of the world have been interpreted, proven wrong, and reinterpreted so many times that its surprising they haven't given up on him yet
The world will end in 1750...no wait, 1819....or maybe 2000....2023?
by Shwaggy November 18, 2003
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Some punk who people think predicted "powerful visions of the future". All he did was provide vague phrases that could be interpreted in many ways.
Anyone can be like Nostradamus.

-In the year 2078 some stuff will happen and people will think I knew it.
by Linux System Message March 30, 2004
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A "prophet" who's prophecies are so lame that they can be interpreted as anything. By being so vague he could be 99.99% sure that his prophecies would come true.

The name of a Nas album (if the o is replaced with an a)
Nostradamus talked shit.
by Anonymous July 16, 2003
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Man who was not always trying to fortell the future,but was instead making political commentary disguised as soothsaying (most political commentary would have been illegal in his time)Because human beings keep repeating themselves many quatrains will incedently come true,and they will keep comming true until humans actually change for legit.Also the fact that people who influence history often have read nostradamus helps.
Nostradamus predicted WW1/2
The human race was destined to have a war of simaler magnitude at sometime,and Hitler had read Nostradamus and used the word hister to catipult himself into power so who knows if the word hister isnt used in the quatrain mabey WW2 would have been lead by some other psyco.
by artemisathena October 13, 2006
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A charlitan who possesses no greater "clairvoyance" than Miss Cleo. Employing techniques of vague predictions commonly employed by psychic hotlines today, Nostradamus' 'prophecies' could have been interpreted as anything.
Nostradamus, more like Fakestradamus!
by Chad Vincent July 19, 2003
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The world's most famous prophet. He began his career as a plauge physician in 16th-century France. He encoded his powerful visions of the future in four-line poems called "quartrains", using puns, word games, and astrological symbols to describe what was (and is) to come. Among the events he successfully forsaw include:
- The American and French relvolutions
- Both world wars
- The rises and falls of Napoleon and Hitler
- The assassination of JFK
- The lunar landing
- The Russia revolution
- 9/11

Doesn't it feel good to acctually learn something useful on Urbandictionary.com?
Here's a sample of a quatrain:

"One who the infernal gods of Hannibal
Will call to be born, terror to all mankind:
Newspapers cannot tell of worse horror in the past,
They will come to the Romans through Babel."
Century II, Quatrain 30
by Anonymous July 11, 2003
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A man who foretold events in the world to come.
Nostradamus says that there will be a locaust plauge and a "new prince" in the future.
by Anonymous July 12, 2003
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