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A new phone/cultural icon by Apple. Some of the new features include the ability to put people on hold during phone calls by simply touching the device.
Joe: Is that the new iPhone 4?

Stephen: Yes it is. *douchebag smirk*
by NotAustinISwear July 06, 2010
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The supposed iPhone 5. Apple decided to change the name to iPhone 4S to render counterfeit phones useless.

Ironically and tragically, Steve Jobs, the influential co-founder of Apple passed away a day after its release, so it is now defined as iPhone for Steve
My iPhone 4S is real! Stuff you, you fakes!
by brockhoward October 06, 2011
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An iPhone 4 with Siri.

It's so shit that it killed Steve Jobs.
Me: Siri, is iPhone 4S the best?

Siri: Yes. That's why you bought this.

Me: Then why did Steve Jobs die when the iPhone 4S was announced?

Siri: *Crashes*

*iPhone explodes* BOOM!!!

Me: Shit.
by likeordie November 15, 2011
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The iPhone 4 apparently: "Changes Everything Again". It features many things that phones (if you are Steve Jobs) have been un able to do before like calls, texts, web browsing and video. It even has totally new technology called "Face Time" which is not to be confused with video or conference calls as that never really took off.
Some Guy: Hey is that the iPhone 4?

Mac Fanboy: Yes, it''s got all sorts of cool new features and it's really easy to use.

Some Guy: Well I hope your iPad won't feel left out or redundant.
by Sir Meh September 19, 2010
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Apple's great new product that got a whole bunch of fans and preorders, then when it came out had service issues and required a case so it could have service.
Bill - "Hey, is that the new iPhone 4?"

Steve - "YES! Much better than your shitty phones. Oh wait I have a call coming in."

Bill - "Hi, Steve!"

Steve - "Wait...hold on...fuck...I have no signal here, just text me."
by bodiddles August 27, 2010
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"The" Smart Phone. Apple re-invents itself. Again. This newest creation is being made available to the public on June 24, 2010. The "new" iPhone is faster, thinner, and prettier than its predecessors. The "4" features a new stainless steel and glass design. It has integrated antennas that promise to improve reception on Wi-Fi and 3G wireless networks, and it boasts a second video camera on the front that will permit video calling.

The iPhone 4 is going to change the "smart phone" world as we know it.

You could very well be right.
by MTF June 15, 2010
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