Boss was furious today at the jobsite, foreman puts the blame on all the workers that way he doesn’t have to take the heat, Once the men hear about it, they will be expecting some DDA from the foreman.


When your girlfriend has her period. So you suggest doing some DDA
by Rockstar Entertainment January 14, 2020
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Dutch Dick Addiction.

The effect of sleeping with someone Dutch and becoming infatuated with their amazingly proportioned penis; both girth and length. A phenomenon that can take over whole friendship groups once this knowledge is shared amongst friends.
My flatmate starting dating a Dutch man, then my other flatmate slept with one of his Dutch mates. At this point it was only polite to find out what all the fuss was about so I spelt with their Dutch friend visiting from Amsterdam. So the term DDA was born – none of us were disappointed with Dutch Dick!
by Elles May 09, 2014
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DDA refers to the kind of person who would explain what Blumpkin is to his mom
Hello, DDA!
by youssef_throwaway April 07, 2017
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1. Dumb dickass.
2. Dick-dumbass.
Person 1: Wow, Ian just called my friend a gay emo kid.
Person 2: What a DDA.
by Eclectic Bass June 26, 2010
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Double Dick Appointment; when you and a friend are going somewhere and you both know you’re gonna fuck someone; two friends going to a dick appointment at the same place and the same time
Hannah and Alyssa are going a guy’s apartment for a DDA.”
by youngmashedpotatoes January 28, 2021
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