The most exquisite girl you can find who leads in the forefront as her name states:"female lion"
The best girlfriend to have because she'll always put you before her and love you for you and nothing materialistic.
The best kisser and at tines experimental but worth every demotion of love.
I want Leona to lead us for this one....
I would kiss her for an eternity and never regret a second
Like a mother lion she cares about everyone in her circle
by placid desire November 28, 2017
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She is really pretty, and once you meet her you can never say goodbye. She is the best girlfriend and will always make you smile. Once you date her, there's no turning back. She worries about you, and needs your warm hug to reassure her. She has beautiful eyes and you can look in to them forever. She will let you pick her up and kiss her and swing her around.
Girl: Woah whos that?
Boy: That's my girl Leona
Girl: No way!
Boy: Yeah!
by 1luvp1zz@ December 8, 2017
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A princess of a person who purrs quietly but whose words can roar with confidence and determination. Leonas are lions and they rule their environment as such. Decisive, rational and fair are obvious adjectives to use, but they only begin to describe the complexities of a Leona. Leonas are loyal and dedicated. Any relationship with a Leona will never dull once a Leona has decided to commit to it. Though notions of strength come to mind when describing a Leona, it would be a grievous mistake to not acknowledge the softness that Leona possesses. From the grace of their gait to their affection for the people they are closest to, the softness of a Leona is ever-displayed and undeniable. Tofu-hearted people they are- firm, but soft and consistently good for those that dare to encounter them. Leonas have a fondness for Pisces (whether husband, father or friend) and the aforementioned attributes shine most in their interaction with them.
A Leonas personality makes her especially well-suited to be a great wife, daughter, friend... and eventually mom. One could never go wrong befriending a Leona. Leonas are to be cherished and appreciated. A task made easy because of their loyal and dedicated nature.
Are you always this rational and composed, Leona?
No, Jillian. I twerk every so often.
by Bestieboo August 12, 2018
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Leona is a girl who is very clingy and loving. Many people get onto her about it but really she is just showing how much she cares for you. She sometimes has hard times but when you show her that you are there to comfort her she will give back to what you started. She loves to dance and is the most fun person you will ever meet! If you meet a Leona, don’t judge her based on what other people say. Get to know her, I guarantee you won’t regret it!
I just met the most amazing friend ever!
was her name Leona??

How’d ya know....
by hiiiiiyasisbye December 2, 2018
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A strong girl capable of ripping someone to shreds if they make fun of her friends
by LilyMari July 21, 2018
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A girl who is the best friend and sister you'll ever have. You wouldn't ask for more if you have Leona. You'll lucky if you ever got to know someone like Leona.

"I'm so lucky for having Leona there for me."
by RawrlikePeter February 14, 2009
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Leona is a female lion. Originated in west African countries leona is also a popular name
The leona stood tall and grand
by Minigaith February 8, 2015
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