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An offensive term for Narrow backs or anyone of Leprachaun decent. The word comes from cobble-stone like the roads in Ireland. The stomper part comes from the way a drunken Irish person would walk or river dance their ass across the cobblestone road.
The Boondock Saints is a movie about two cobble-stompers and a wop who kill pinkos and other greaseball mafia dagos.
1. A man or woman who is into hairy dicks or vaginas.

2. One who enjoys sexual encounters with an extremely hairy person or is sexually aroused at the sight of bush.

I don't have to trim my pubes, my girlfriend is a total fur surfer.
It comes from the words femme fatal and vagina.

1. A bitch whose vagina is so dry and tight, you swear it could rip your dick clean off.

2. A deadly vagina.

3. A vagina that should be either condemned or feature a warning sign.

4. Any vagina that is hazardous to your sexual health.

I really need to raise my standards. Last night I was fucking a bitch, and she had a total femme vagal. I'm lucky my dick is in one piece.
Coming from the words ass and chastise.

1. To rape in the ass in an extremely violent way.

2. To viloate someone's anus with a foreign object.

3. Anal Punishment.
Ving Rames was asstised in the movie Pulp Fiction by Zed.
Acronym for Faggots and Dykes United. It's the insensitive way to refer to the Gay and Lesbian alliance.
Perez Hilton and Rosie O'Donnel would be the king and queen of F.A.D.U.
by FilthyMexicanJesusMan aka FMJM September 19, 2009
In all fairness this term was coined from the adult swim TV show "The Oblongs" (at least this is where I first heard the word used).

It is used to describe an eskimo or somebody from alaska possibly in a derogatory way.
Guy 1: Hey guy 2 how's it going
Guy 2: Terrible. A bunch of fucking whale-stabbers moved in next door.
Guy 1: Well it beat having a bunch of spear chuckers for neighbors.
An offensive term towards wops grape stompers and dagos. similar to shitalian. It comes from the words clitoris and italian.
The only thing clitalians are good for is delivering pizzas and unclogging toilets.