/thee praw-vinse-es/
(proper noun)

An alternate, more informal term for Canada. Derived from the much more common "the States", which is often used to refer to the United States of America
"Hey George, where are ya from?"
"Back in the Provinces in Windsor."
by Joe™ August 2, 2017
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a gang of gangs that kill other gangs.
Daniela belongs to a province, but doestn kill martin.
by martiiin May 25, 2005
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The place that was holding back confederation for years because some fuck ups landed it in a ridiculous amount of debt.
Guy: why was confederation so difficult, again?

Guy 2: The province of Canada was full of dumbfucks.
by Xx_ShadowTheHeadgehofg69_xX January 29, 2017
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My home. I am from the beautiful and peaceful Bruschan Province where the city of Sauu-di-L'Yeffkereff, commonly known as Sauudi, is located. I live on the Eastside.
di L'Yefkereff is a common surname in my homeland of Bruschan province. it means "of the Yef Kereff house"
by Raul di L'Yefkereff May 12, 2008
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Internet mind-viruses that won't believe that the COVID crisis is just what it is - a rampant dangerous virus of natural origins. Instead we are to believe it comes from secret military labs (in China of course) or was activated by 5G mobile phone signals, in a bid to get us all in lock-down, in a fascistic mind-controlled police state or to implement Agenda-21. Just nuts.
It is located somewhere in the backwoods of the US Deep South or Bible-belt, where 1st cousins or brothers and sisters marry, they bathe once a fortnight and where dinner is either road-kill or lead bullet-ridden wild hog.
The mind virus contagion from Woo-ham Province is spreading and the hicks are hoarding more guns than usual and lynching anyone non-Caucasian.
by Crap Artiste April 2, 2020
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From the movie "Deathrace: 2000"
Comprising all of North America and several overseas possesions and ruled by a 'Big Brother' type leader known as 'Mr. President.' The only political party in the UPA is known as the 'Bipartisan Party,' and order is maintained by a purple tuxedoed Secret Police.
The flag of the UPA consists of 13 gold and red stripes and small field of white in the upper left hand corner sporting a large gold open hand, as if ordering "halt!" surrounded by two gold lightening bolts.
The dulled and jaded popullace of the UPA gets it's only enjoyment from the annual Cross Country Road Race, aka The Deathrace, in which the various racers score points by running down pedestrians.
"I, your beloved Mr. President, have made the United Provinces of America the greates power on earth!"
by Carl J. Maltese April 12, 2007
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