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A phrase that can be used when leaving a room or situation with an object in hand. The person states what they are leaving with saying that it is all they need. It is made funnier by grabbing another item and saying that this plus what the person already has in all they need.
Make popular in the 80's with Steve Martin in the Jerk
"I dont anything. Well maybe just this ashtray but thats all i need. And this paddle game. The Ashtry, the paddle game and this remote control. The ashtray the paddle game and the remote control is all i need."
by Felix Tripp January 31, 2007
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1. a phrase to describe an ugly person
2. a person that is attractive but is known to sleep around a lot. High risk of STD's.
1. "That girl is so hideous she should be considered a health scare."
2. "Erin is hot, but with amount of people she has screwed I think she is a bit of a health scare."
by Felix Tripp January 31, 2007
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1a.the lingo used by Starbucks.
Most of the time it is far from what the actual meaning of the drink is.
b. Tall, Grande, Vente, Macchiato, Tazo. 2. The instruction booklet given by some Starbucks that describe how to order.
Macchiato means "to stain" in Italian but in Starbonics it translates to three shots of espresso and 3/4 of a cup of milk.

"Can I have a medium coffee?"
"Yeah that size"
"You mean Grande"
"Whatever go to hell"
by Felix Tripp January 31, 2007
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An expression to desire an object by stating that it isnt that one mearly desires the object but that it would be a nessecity to their survival.
Person 1. "Do you want that new home enima kit?"
Person 2. "Want? Need."
by Felix Tripp January 31, 2007
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overpriced aviator sunglasses. Once trailblazed by hippsters then into fell into the public eye.
"I am looking for something like an Aviator Pair of Sunglasses"
"try these, there are Gayviators. They cost ($75.00-600.00)"
by Felix Tripp January 31, 2007
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Another word for "FOPA"
Swumpkin is the swollen area of the lower belly that resembles a pumpkin.
"Did you see that swumpkin?"
"Yeah I totally want some of that"
by Felix Tripp January 31, 2007
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