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The people who make plenty of money to support a comfortable lifestyle and don't have to worry as much about their jobs, economy, and other things that stress out the middle-class. Most people look up to the upper middle class because they tend to be the role model for what everyone in America wants to attain aka "The American Dream"...
He has a nice big house in the suburbs, has two BMWs, and kids going to private schools. Definitely upper middle class.
by Feely7 July 25, 2011
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People in society who make well above-average incomes that can afford a comfortable lifestyle. The upper-middle-class tend to be well educated and have a lot of work autonomy in whatever they do for a living. Most upper-middle-class tend to live in more upscale neighborhoods that are too expensive for their counterparts, the middle-class. Therefore, the middle-class and lower classes too, tend to look up to the upper-middle-class and follow in their footsteps.
Take a stroll through Whole Foods on a weekend, you're bound to see many people apart of the upper-middle-class.
by Feely7 May 4, 2011
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A person who uses the social networking app, snapchat, purely to show off to other friends their whereabouts with intentions of making their friends jealous and possibly left out. Often snapchat douches are self centered and have low self esteem because they constantly need others to know that they are doing something.
Person 1:"Hey, is anyone hanging out tonight?"

Person 2:"Naw, I mean we might do something later, but I'll hit you up."

*person 1 opens snapchat video hours later of everyone hanging out and was never told

Person 1: "man, what a snapchat douche"
by Feely7 October 23, 2013
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A popular milestone in a person's life, during a time when they were a teenager. This phrase is used to show a contrast between back when you were a teenager, and now, presumably as an adult. It's also commonly used by an adult or older person to show how things are different from a person currently in high school.
Back in high school...I had to walk 10 miles to school, and have at least 5 hours of homework every night. It wasn't like today where kids have their own cars and have tutors.
by Feely7 May 18, 2011
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Kids who,as the name implies, get stoned on a regular basis and are around others who do the same. Most stoners live in boring suburban areas where there is little to do. They tend to dislike most non-stoners or anyone who is more mainstream, though this isn't always the case. Most stoners tend to have an alternative style that may be mixed in with styles of scene kids or goths. More "unique" appearance than the average joe. They tend to stick together, and commonly don't try and put effort into their schoolwork as they want to keep up their reputation of not caring. They also have a tendency to get in trouble with their school, as they sometimes carry substances with them. In general, they are more accepting of people who are different, which makes stoners hard to point out as they are a mix of many different kinds of people that smoke just as much.
For stoner kids, smoking weed is their favorite recreational pass time.
by Feely7 April 26, 2011
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A place where you spend some of the hardest years of growing up. Where peer pressure, relationships, college prep, schoolwork, and just dumbass drama all come together. Many different kinds of people attend this place, some of which do not get along, which provides plenty of drama around you if you are not already in it. There are four years in high school: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior years.

Freshman: The easiest year. No college around the corner, easy core classes, no AP. Basically 8th grade again.

Sophomore: You think you're badass cause you're not a freshman. Work is getting harder, you've heard the word college and that you need to do something about getting there.

Junior: The "holy crap college isn't that far away" year. SAT & ACT to worry about, looking at colleges, thinking about the future. making sure you have a passable gpa for college. The hardest year.

Senior: You're at the top. Unless you're a total dumbass you don't care about being an upperclassman. Can't wait for college so high school can finally be over, and you can get as far away as possible.
Freshman: OMG this work is soooo hard I had to do a two page book report... so tired!

Junior: You haven't done nothing yet. Get ready for real high school.
by Feely7 August 22, 2011
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A time of year that is extremely magical and exciting when you're young, then becomes less exciting as you get older.

ages 1-5: Believe in santa, super excited, everything is new and magical, get a ton of gifts

ages 6-10: May or may not still believe in santa, still get a lot of gifts, very exciting.

ages 11-15: Don't believe in santa, thus the excitement factor is reduced greatly. Christmas is starting to seem more like a routine.

ages 16 and beyond: Christmas is nothing new, your parents give you less because you're older. YOU actually are expected to get others gifts. Wish you could go back to being a little kid on christmas.
6 year old at christmas time: "Santa is coming soon! I'm so excited! I wonder if he'll bring me a race car that I asked for!"

17 year old at christmas time: Studying for finals, Christmas comes and all they get are socks.
by Feely7 December 22, 2011
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