when while engaging in sexual intercourse on a table, you suddenly smash a chair over your partner, and throw him/her out a plate glass window.
She was riding me like a prize bull, but when I told her her nipples looked like baloney on dinner plates, she gave me the ol' wild west.
by Curtis L Smith February 11, 2009
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The act of finger blasting a girl while having your hand in the shape of a gun.
by zackgee September 22, 2015
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A place that is generally lawless, where criminals and/or wild animals still have the advantage, one should take caution when entering such an area or avoid it altogether.
The Afghanistan-Pakistan border, Mogadishu, and Ciudad Juarez are crazy, its The Wild West over in those places
by ninjalogical October 3, 2010
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Well the Wild West is a game that shows cheaters and other people doxxing over a LEGO GAME. then you have tce a gay faction that likes men and he hates most people like legolas other factions,cere his "ex" has sent somebody not telling who but she sent them berlinos feet pics and she was scared to show it bc of how ugly it is anyways tww is toxic ggs ez am pro Rake W Kevin W King W zzide W Nick the pizza boi W zaza W ggs ez tww died am pro
so the word The wild west is a game that is cool like this example :person 1# is a man that knows what tww is it's a very fun game trust:person 2 what is the defined of it? :person 1 IT"S PROO
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putting a revolver in your anus and playing Russian roulette
Jimmy: Want to play Wild West?
Bimmy: What's that?
by Anoahmous November 25, 2017
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When your ballsack becomes as dry as a Popeyes biscuit and your sack scrunches up like a deflated ball.
Person 1: Ah fuck I got Wild West crotch
Person 2: Damm that sucks
by Zebulon720 October 9, 2023
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