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Critical math questions that expose students to the ethics and politics of Singapore leaders—taboo questions few local math teachers dare discuss in a public school lest they get fired.
Examples of Singapore math questions are:
1. Estimate how many billions or trillions of dollars from tax fugitives are kept in Singapore banks.
2. How much sale on chewing gum has been lost since it was banned in Singapore?
3. How many poor people in Asia could be fed if Singapore ministers' overpaid salaries were slashed by seventy percents?
4. Estimate the number of strokes of the cane that was meted out in Singapore, in the last half century.
5. How many foreign workers, tourists, or illegals are working as escorts or prostitutes in Singapore?
6. How many votes are lost every time a candidate from the Opposition is being fined or jailed?
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by MathPlus May 24, 2017
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In sign language: 🇸🇬🔢
Singapore Math has somewhat modeled Singapore into a geeky but an indifferent nation—one with a brain like a computer but a heart like a stone!
by MathPlus September 21, 2016
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A term that refers to the people in Singapore being ruled (or even brainwashed) by an unhealthy number of ministers, military personnel, CEOs, and school principals, each holding a degree in math.
With a disproportionate number of Singapore math nerds occupying positions of authority in Singapore and an unspoken fear factor nationwide that is preventing people from speaking up and speaking out, is there any correlation between math and political freedom?
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by MathPlus May 12, 2017
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A term used by American homeschoolers to refer to an alien math curriculum, which they have embraced to revolt against their locally published inch-deep, mile-wide textbooks.
Teachers in US schools are in arms with those who support Singapore Math, questioning whether it's just another shiny mathematical object from a faraway land; others reject it because it comes from an apparently "repressive regime" with near-zero political freedom.
by MathPlus June 24, 2016
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The mathematical equivalent of having brown rice rather than white biryani rice. An unsexy, wholesome math curriculum that is healthy to the mind, but brain-unfriendly for most students, who need to force themselves to mastering the concepts confidently.
Like taking cod liver oil, which is good for the body immune system, Singapore math may look unappetizing, but after spending a few hundred hours practicing thousands of nonroutine, impractical or sterile questions, your brain can only get mathematically stronger and healthier.
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by MathPlus June 07, 2018
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A form of “mathematical acupuncture” that could relieve non-Singapore teachers and students of math anxiety, if they experiment with problem-solving heuristics like the bar model method and stack model method, while experiencing the pain of brain-unfriendly questions.
Although a number of countries that embraced Singapore math have seen significant improvement in their students’ math scores, however, without parental and societal pressures for a nation to become numerate, at best cosmetic changes would result even with the best math curriculum in place.
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by MathPlus July 14, 2018
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A growing movement of frustrated American parents and teachers, who decided to use value-for-money math books imported from Singapore as a protest against the expensive, thick and shallow textbooks used in US schools.
Following the success of Singapore Math homeschoolers, a number of US states had adopted the foreign curriculum. The results have been pretty encouraging, as Singapore Math students continue to outperform their peers who are stuck with dated or bloated math curriculums.
by MathPlus July 20, 2016
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