The mathematical equivalent of having brown rice rather than white biryani rice. An unsexy, wholesome math curriculum that is healthy to the mind, but brain-unfriendly for most students, who need to force themselves to mastering the concepts confidently.
Like taking cod liver oil, which is good for the body immune system, Singapore math may look unappetizing, but after spending a few hundred hours practicing thousands of nonroutine, impractical or sterile questions, your brain can only get mathematically stronger and healthier.
by MathPlus May 19, 2018
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A form of “mathematical acupuncture” that could relieve non-Singapore teachers and students of math anxiety, if they experiment with problem-solving heuristics like the bar model method and stack model method, while experiencing the pain of brain-unfriendly questions.
Although a number of countries that embraced Singapore math have seen significant improvement in their students’ math scores, however, without parental and societal pressures for a nation to become numerate, at best cosmetic changes would result even with the best math curriculum in place.
by MathPlus July 14, 2018
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The belief or myth that any country, state, or school that adopts the Singapore math curriculum would have their students' math scores improve significantly.
Mauritius and Rwanda appear to have gained from the Singapore math effect—both countries are economically better off than their bigger resources-rich African neighbors.
by MathPlus July 24, 2016
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The desire and hope among a number of developing countries that their own students could do well in math, if they were to adopt a math curriculum similar to the one used in Singapore.
A few local publishers are laughing all the way to the bank, as the result of the Singapore math envy of some African countries, which have started importing Singapore math books for their schools.
by MathPlus October 09, 2016
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Math titles that marry decent quality with affordability—authors must be racially, religiously, and sexually sensitive, while the Ministry of Education (MOE) controls the price of the books.
Because Singapore math books cost a fraction of their American counterparts, US distributors have been importing them for homeschoolers, who think they're getting value-for-money textbooks—a number of them might even mistake Singapore for a city in China.
by MathPlus August 11, 2016
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A trademarked term that may be likened to the mathematical equivalent of illegally parking in a disabled parking space.
Math educators remarked that trademarking "Singapore Math" is a form of "mathematical hijacking"—what else can we expect after Singapore Math®? Singapore Math 2.0™?
by MathPlus March 27, 2017
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Short for fourth generation math syllabus change in Singapore, since the Y2K bug. The Ministry of Education (MOE) is reverting to its old ways of controllably and uncompetitively writing its own elementary math content, instead of outsourcing the task to publishers.
Singapore’s MOE’s rationale to have an open tender in the late nineties was to allow the public to have a choice of “quality” textbooks from both local and foreign publishers, but with 4G Singapore math unfolding, teachers and parents will soon be left with zero choices.
by MathPlus December 16, 2018
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