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Short for Christianity. Mainly used by Atheists on reddit or forums.
X is used in place for "Christ," much like in X-mas.
"Who are these people that keep coming to my door?"
"There just some whackos promoting their messed up version of Xianity."
by Quinnjo December 05, 2015
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Term used by irrational atheists to refer to the religion of Christianity. In their irrational world-view, Christianity has caused all of the world's problems from political motivated wars to their inability to get a job. Atheists continue demonstrating their intolerance as they use this word thinking that it offends Christians when it doesn't.

The etymology comes from Christianity, replacing Christ with the abbreviation Xt (from Ancient Greek Χ (Ch, the letter chi), the first letter of Χριστός (Christós, “Christ”) + t, the last letter of "Christ").
Stupid atheist: "Herp derp! Xianity brain washes people! Derp herb! I'm so smart because I can think for myself! I don't believe what's written in no ancient book! The God Delusion tells me everything I need to know! Herp derp!"

Regular guy: "You bloody idiot!"
by dsidf1 February 09, 2014
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