78 definitions by FABARM

S&V is the effect of adding and fine tuning a product or theory which improves everything in many ways -mainly Seduction & Validation.
You DON'T need a brand new partner, just S&V your current one - it'll last a load longer.
by FABARM November 13, 2018
FABIMETRIC:- Is the effect of a FABARM, from his micromiillimeter to his multikilometre movement of creative capitalism's success.
I T H I N K youve got this new print set up right, it's about time we got a FABARM bringing some FABIMETRIC activity into everything - 'sides - it'll get a FAB boost.
by FABARM December 8, 2018
FABFULL:- That's just someone who YEARNS to become a full FABARM, he's been trying for years, and he's NEARLY there - just some more hard work!
FABFULL - that's what he is - just FULL of FAB- it'll take him a VERY long time to become a FABARM - BUT - I can tell he's moving in the right direction!
by FABARM December 20, 2018
FABMATE is the FABARM'S steady partner.
YOU, are my partner now, youve become a FABMATE - I hope it lasts for EVER - or even longer!
by FABARM November 23, 2018
FUNNYFAB: Is a FABARM who, like most other FABARM'S, carries the humour WITHIN his/her "FABARMITY" to enhance the humour of a "FAB" in nearly every activity they FAB in - (c'est le FAB!).
Look, Jack, we only need a FUNNYFAB, preferably a FEMALEFAB, and we'll get this problem fixedFAST!
by FABARM January 9, 2019
ULTMCDOOM'D is the SCOOTISH warning that you're heading for ULTMCDANGER, unless, you make a quick and compete apology - (ESPECIALLY since you are in SCOOTLAND!!).
ULTMCDOOM'D Mr McTrouble! - I keep telling you AND your SCOOTISH MCFRIENDS - you'll be MCdoomed if you say that about SCOOTLAND - ESPECIALLY when you're in "The land of the Scoots!!
by FABARM December 4, 2018
PRORANGETAN:- This could be the aftereffects of bed tanning which CAN give a facial tan looking like the noted orange colour of an infamous President.
You'd better not spend TOO much time on that tanning bed, you could end up with a PRORANGETAN - people will think you may be "loopey".
by FABARM February 4, 2019