78 definitions by FABARM

CAP'NGHASTLY is ANY officer who can't "connect" with other cadets or officers - he, she, it, sticks to the ancient times.
There are only a very few training in this old UNI, it's been going down ever since CAP'NGHASTLY was in charge.
by FABARM December 3, 2018
FABARMSKI is the FABARM manner and behaviour which is clearly at the core of ANY FABARM you "connect with".
It's the FABARMSKI way she got the facts out, quickly and right to the point - keep an eye on her - she's the one for the job.
by FABARM October 16, 2018
PPPP. Is the Priest a Poof, or, is the Poof a Priest?
I only met him five minutes ago, that's when PPPP struck me. I don't know whether he's a Poof and/or a Priest!
by FABARM November 17, 2018
FABENTPRENER:- There are MANY different FABS around, and, there are MANY different geniuses who flourish as a kind of FABARM. HOWMSOEVER, a FABENTPRENER is a flourishing FABARM who specialises in using his FABSKILLS to enhance the "free market" with fresh methods from his "MOVINGMIND".
We're having trouble with this new "FLYINGTANK" - see if you can get a FABENTPRENER on the phone - he, she, it'll come up with a something or seven!
by FABARM January 15, 2019
FANBARM is the Fundamental And Never Born again Atheist Republican Mongrel.
HE...IS A FANBARM, SO, IS SHE! THEY were each B O R N FANBARM - THEY'RE never going to change.
by FABARM December 2, 2018
CALM+:- CALM+ Is an accurate description of a FABARM whilst he she or they are calming down the hysterical "NONFABMASSES" - it takes them a long time to FABLEARN the ultimate calmness of a friendly FABARM!
This match is getting almost hysterical - we need to get a couple of CALM+ FABARM'S in, after half time, that should fix it!
by FABARM January 6, 2019
SEIZLESS:- Someone who has been given more than a dozen "strobe light attacks" so that he'd still stay in a fake "care home" for people with "phantom fits".
He's seizless! L&Q will need to get the light "strobing" at the right rate to make sure he is unconscious - then we can carry him back and dump him in his ground floor flat in 18b!
by FABARM January 28, 2019