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Fundamental And Born again Atheist Republican Moron
He was born a FABARM.
by FABARM January 20, 2018

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PPPP. Is the Priest a Poof, or, is the Poof a Priest?
I only met him five minutes ago, that's when PPPP struck me. I don't know whether he's a Poof and/or a Priest!
by FABARM November 17, 2018

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STAYCAC - STAY Calm And Carry on, is, indeed, the right way to behave if people are attempting to demorolise and deminish you.
Look, I know that man's being badly treated by the staff, and he was even given flashing lights to "sort him out", but, you'll just have to wait until he can get out BEFORE you step in to help him and keep him well - you need to STAYCAC - night and day.
by FABARM November 07, 2018

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Ultimate moron
The landlords, what a gang of prattyplonkers!
by FABARM January 22, 2018

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FABWICH is a brand new sandwich from an electric clamping tight sandwich maker. Your two slices of granary bread are loaded with cheddar cheese, tomato puree, AND, a touch - (just a touch) of marmite - IT'S S C R U M P I L I C I O U S !
Listen, youve done a great deal ALL day, take a sit down, I'll make you a couple of FABWICH'S - get 'em down you!
by FABARM November 22, 2018

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Incorrect and or inadequately failing to achieve.
The locksmith failed to install a secure 5 metre lock, he was just pissballing about.
by FABARM January 17, 2018

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ASTEPF2F is, A STEP FAR TOO FAR, and, that's the feeling many have, who need to escape from being "controlled" by Brussels.
I'm fed up with being bullied by Brussels - more and more people don't want to be taking ASTEPF2F - It's, truly, a Brussels "ultracontrol containment camp!".
by FABARM November 16, 2018

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