442 definitions by Eric

Phrase shouted at climax of sex.
I'm Comming!!
by Eric March 21, 2003
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a hairstyle in which the sides and back are shaved and long hair is grown at the top of the head
Diago: When i put me hurr in a pony tail y'all can see my short hair
Manne: Ya Diago your undercut is tight
by Eric December 11, 2003
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Something you have to do EVERY night after school when you should be goofing off watching Spongebob Squarepants or looking at porn on the internet!
Homework: Something that you should do to not make your brain look like a baby boy's penis.
by Eric June 10, 2004
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RI/MA slang for a bubbler, a.k.a. water fountain (where you drink from, not to be confused with a water fountain you throw coins into at a mall; which is why we say bubbla cuz the watter bubbles out)
Man, I need a drink from the bubbla, my throat is dry.
by Eric July 19, 2004
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1. to be awesome

2. the state of being beyond cool, but not quite righteous or gnarly

3. Surfer slang giving something a high quality in comparison to other options or things
Hot Chick: I think you're a cool guy, wanna do something?
Dude: Awesomeness...
by Eric May 16, 2004
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Over Doing it
the way jesus got beat was o.d
by Eric April 03, 2004
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Can't Understand Normal Thinking. See cunt.
You know why we call them cunts, it stands for "Can't Understand Normal Thinking"!
by Eric April 11, 2005
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