19 definitions by Emu Lgator

My teacher told me to have some extra lessons with him next week. I'm already terribly scared of Professor Moe Lester.
by Emu Lgator March 15, 2004
He still's got his fly open.
Just had some work on on the little ones done in the break.
No surprise, he's a kiddie fiddler.
by Emu Lgator February 5, 2004
owner of an emu farm
My grandpa lives in australia.
He owns 42 emus, so he's an emulgator.
by Emu Lgator January 11, 2004
a man who performes fellatio

from Hoover
not from the person
You sucked the dick of my unce you damn J. Edgar Hoover.
by Emu Lgator January 11, 2004
The same as "the loop".
No one understands its sense, many lough about it, most shit on it.
+ Christ: You have to believe me, or you gonna go to hell. (Or I bone you as long as you are male and adolescent).
+ Jewish: Halabalachalachn. Hanuka.
+ Moslem: Kalakalschemkaken. Kalakakack.
+ Buddhist: The circle is holy.

Me: Whatever.
by Emu Lgator May 21, 2004