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n. A rapper's ability to rhyme to phat beats in a skillful manner
You heard that new Nas single? Nigga got one tight-ass flow!
by EmperorKO February 16, 2003

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n. An MC with an inflated opinion of himself, but no skillz or flow
All the sucka MCs try to diss, but they ain't got my flow
by EmperorKO February 16, 2003

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To throw a huge fit
When Ko called Johnny a bitch, Johnny completely wigged out.
by EmperorKO February 15, 2003

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n. a rapid-fire, often nonsensical string of obscenities generated out of pure anger

v. "run a blue streak"
I wrecked my dad's car and he ran a blue streak on my ass.

"You stupid shit, motherfucking, ass humping, fag raping, donkey sucking, duck fucking, ass stupid, monkey shit, fuckfaced, retarded pussy cunt, worthless cum rag, shit for brains, whoremastering, ass-faced cocksucker!!"
by EmperorKO February 19, 2003

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proper noun

1. Someone who hates you.

2. A guy who didn't storm the beaches of Cambodia in '54 to let you pinko hippy bastards wear tie dyed shirts and smoke your wacky tobaccy in his yard!

3. www.somethingawful.com/cliff/ihateyou
"I fucking saw the Patterson kids in my goddamn bushes and I want you to head over to their house and arrest them and throw those two little idiot horseshitters into jail for a few years to teach them a goddamn lesson about respecting their elders." -Cliff Yablonski
by EmperorKO February 19, 2003

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n. Anyone who proves his strength by intentionally enduring something painful, difficult, or incredibly stupid.
Dave drank damn near that entire keg, thus proving that he's a true warrior.
by EmperorKO May 25, 2004

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n. Anything disgusting or nasty on another object; usually refers to mold, dirt, grease and grime

adj. "skuzzy"
You see how greazy Pablo's hair is? That's one skuzzy motherfucker.

I gotta go get my car washed, it's got mad skuzz all over it.
by EmperorKO February 16, 2003

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