An improvised street weapon consisting of a billiard ball tied into the toe-end of a tube sock. The implement is swung, generally at high speeds, in such a fashion as to severely injure the victim.
Dude tried to snag my wallet, so I busted him upside the head with my trusty madball. Now he's whistling Dixie through the space where his front teeth used to be.

Also: Sean Penn used a variation of a madball in the classic 1983 prison flick "Bad Boys," where he puts a soda can in a pillow case and uses it to beat the shit out of Clancy Brown.
by Jackie Treehorn December 3, 2003
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A hardcore punk band formed in 1988. The name derives from the weapon, which used to be a common sight at hardcore shows untill venues buffed up security. The current lineup is freddy cricien on vocals(who also happens to be the half brother of roger miret from agnostic front), hoya on bass, mits on guitar, and rigg ross on drums.
yo bro you going to the madball show tonight?

nah man i dont wanna get fucked up in the pit!
by jake miller June 22, 2006
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n. A person with a severe physical deformity of the face. Derived from Madballs toys of the 1980s, which were all ball-shaped monsters with bizarre faces.
Did you see Tommy since he got his face melted in that car wreck? Such a madball!
by EmperorKO February 18, 2003
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Nickname for the sailor who burnt down the Gusboat (U.S.S. Conyngham) in May of 1990.
Madball gundecked the logs and burnt down the Gusboat.
by TurboSlug October 12, 2004
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A highly violent game played by schoolchildren, where every player must try to catch and keep a ball away from all other players, in a free for all, no holes barred, mad chase to get the ball.

There are no rules other than to try to keep possesion of the ball, anything is permitted to get it - as a famous player once said: "You could KILL someone in madball!"

There are no set rules for determining the winner, though commonly whoever is holding the ball when the bell rings is considered the "winner".

Some critics of the game consider it little more than an excuse to have a rumble due to the lack of rules or clear victory conditions.
Bobby got a broken nose playing Madball at lunchtime today!
by Dr Pot November 3, 2013
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