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The only reason the world does not sack france. Thomas Bangalter, one half of the duo, has had success with "Music Sounds Better With You" in 1998, under the moniker of Stardust, which he co-qrote with Alan Braxe, and as 'Together' with DJ Falcon making the hit "Call On Me", which was an even bigger hit when Eric Prydz remixed it, took all the honour for it, and made a silly video with hot women.
Check out Daft Punk - Discovery for pop orgasm.
by Emilio December 01, 2004

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When some one starts poppin off shots and killin people.
Yo some nigga rolled up and started clappin and now rick is dead.
by EMILIO August 21, 2004

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The "branch" of the government known as the media that spreads propaganda and fills peoples minds with useless shit
the 4th branch of the government is responsible for controlling the minds of millions.
by Emilio April 13, 2005

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Usually reffered to males, a word to describe heterosexuals who jokingly partake in homosexual acts. Although the homosexual acts can go pretty far, they remain true to their heterosexuality.
"Karen, your boyfriend and his friends are so straight-gay. They keep fondling each others' nipples and threaten to tea bag each other."
by Emilio March 16, 2005

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A town that has experienced a dramatic decrease in the annual percentage of chaos, thievings, vandalism, obnoxious car-horn noises, scheming, racism, cigar purchases, and bad driving since we all went to college. However, there are more capacitors available than before.
Marlton is pretty tame nowadays.
by Emilio October 02, 2003

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What Japanese people call Tom Cruise.
Tomukuruzu-san wa amari sega takaku janai...
by Emilio July 02, 2004

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What Japanese people call Brad Pitt.
Burapi, not Buraddo Pitto. That's just how they write it in katakana.
by Emilio July 02, 2004

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