verb: used to indicate that any certain place, e.g. a party, dancehall, diner, is particularly crowded and lively
this place is poppin OFF joe! I can't hardly find the keg!
by Gran Pree March 8, 2004
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shit-talkin, more commonly called poppin or poppin off at the mouth.
Imma beat that nigga ass if he keep poppin off at the mouth.
by BabyShoe May 31, 2005
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Having a wank
You're unmuted bro. Wait hold on, are you poppin off on the mic?!
by KetiorYT May 7, 2022
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getting so many guys and getting hit up all the time because you are just so hot, but you’re too good for everyone that’s hitting you up
person 1: “wow that emma is really just poppin off right now!
person 2: “yeah so many guys want to date her”
by yoyoyobabe April 30, 2020
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When you're getting consecutive headshots in counter strike
Duude I'm poppin off right now, you see that 1 tap
by Windrunneraxax July 4, 2019
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to bust, blaze, fire, or shoot ones 'guns', usualy rapidly or violently, and often senslessly. Can also be used sexualy.
1.Yo, sum sh*t done popped off at Murder Ridge, I'm a go chick it out, see if one of our souljas was injured.

2. I woke up the neighbours by poppin' off at the target in my backyard last night.
by nVidia September 10, 2006
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To consume drugs with stimulant like effects.
Shit my dude, those addies got me poppin' off like a damn firecracker!
by Asaphageal sphincter January 9, 2015
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