A scottish word meaning a foolish person or someone acting the fool.
What a gype, pushing a door when it clearly says pull.
by stooryduster December 4, 2005
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To steal, rip-off, exploit, plagiarize, etc., but with a more insulting and dirtier tone.
I'm going to gype that stereo.

We were totally gyped on that deal.
by s4xton March 18, 2005
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tacky crap, plastic junk, gee-gaw
"I went to the flea market where everyone was selling their gype."
by Elizabeth January 3, 2004
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an undefined discusting liquid or sludge or combinations there of.
liquid manure etc.
there was gype leaking out the rear door of the garbage truck.
i got gype all over my pants while i was shoveling out the drain basin. I got gyped today, I had to go home and change.
by richard jessen March 22, 2006
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A (fake) national game invented by G.K.Chesterton, H.G.Wells and Edward Clerihew Bentley.
"I also remember that it was we who invented the well-known
and widespread national game of Gype. All sorts of variations
and complications were invented in connection with Gype.
There was Land Gype and Water Gype. I myself cut out and coloured
pieces of cardboard of mysterious and significant shapes,
the instruments of Table Gype; a game for the little ones. It was
even duly settled what disease threatened the over-assiduous player;
he tended to suffer from Gype's Ear. My friends and I introduced
allusions to the fashionable sport in our articles; Bentley successfully
passed one through the Daily News and I through some other paper.
Everything was in order and going forward; except the game itself,
which has not yet been invented." -- "Autobiography"
by Martin Ward August 24, 2006
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a teenage girl that every loves even they pretend to hate her
who has a really annoying older brother that likes to shou abuse at her
a gype is a pretty amazing person and everyone want to be one but on special people can be a called a gype
person 1: omg i hate you
gype: ok what ever

peson 1: (behind gypes back)i reli wish i could be like her shes amazing n such a gype
person 2: i know right me to :)
by gype for ever :) May 16, 2009
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can be used in place on any verb in the english language
im going to gype that sandwhich

shut up before i have to gype you in the face

man i just gyped her last night
by nizzy May 3, 2003
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