The slang term for 'period blood'
Amanda, do you have an extra pad? My plood flowage is max today!
by gangst from up north August 9, 2009
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short for plastic wood, or veneered particle board
"I know he thinks it's fine furniture, but that desk is made of plood."
by Elizabeth January 3, 2004
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Why do GM interiors use copious amounts of plood?
by Ihavetheanswers June 30, 2012
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1. The act of taking a dump underwater.

2. The sound a turd makes when it hits the water.
1. Man, I gotta go too bad, I guess I'll just have to plood.

2. Well, that had a nice healthy plood to it.
by Dixon February 8, 2004
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When a person fecal matter has trace amounts of blood in it.
Ohhh God I just saw blood in my poo, it was a hard plood.
by goskago January 8, 2006
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