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1. An expression of dismissal of another's comment.
2. The sound of a silent and deadly rectal emission.
An example of 1.
Person 1 - You're an idiot.
Person 2 - Pfft
by Elaine October 17, 2001

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1. Colloquially, a "game" in which one person traps another under a doona after a pungent rectal emission in order to "share" the odour.
2. An oven located in the Netherlands.
3. An oven made by a native of the Netherlands.
Whilst in bed...
Person 1 *farts* and pulls blanket over unsuspecting Person 2 and yells "Dutch oven!"
by Elaine October 17, 2001

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term used at the end of a sentence that says, "ya feel me?" "ya get what im sayin?" "ya smell me?" "do you understand the extent of what i have just told you?"

Also used to ask the person being spoken to whether he or she would like to add to the statement.
Dont bother me again, kapish?

Im going to the store, kapish?
- yeah, pick me up some coke.
by Elaine April 16, 2005

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A band that kicks ass! Especially with Lorelei and COME SAIL AWAY!
Styx is righteous, psychadelic, and amazingly flandiferous.
by Elaine October 02, 2003

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1. An expression of joy usually accompanied by raising both arms in the air; the higher, the more joyful.
Can also be used sarcastically.
Chocolate and sex? YAY!
by Elaine October 17, 2001

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Coolest being in the world.
Wow, Jerbear is so cool!
by Elaine March 12, 2004

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1. Cartographical representation of the state of Tasmania in Australia.
2. Colloquially, referring to the pubic region especially a woman's. Derived from the fact that Tasmania is basically triangular.
1. and 2. Show us ya map o' Tassie!
by Elaine October 22, 2001

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