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A "game" related to Dutch oven in which the people trapped under the doona trade pungent rectal emissions.
Origin: coined when I misheard the words "touch football"
Wanna game of Dutch football?
by Elaine October 17, 2001
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1. Colloquially, a "game" in which one person traps another under a doona after a pungent rectal emission in order to "share" the odour.
2. An oven located in the Netherlands.
3. An oven made by a native of the Netherlands.
Whilst in bed...
Person 1 *farts* and pulls blanket over unsuspecting Person 2 and yells "Dutch oven!"
by Elaine October 17, 2001
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Pertaining to or being of a happy thing.
Captain Jack Sparrow is flandiferous!

The day George W. Bush is out of office will be a flandiferous one.
by Elaine October 2, 2003
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Abbreviation for ugly motherfucker used to describe a person or object.
I'm not sleeping with him; he's ugmo.
by Elaine October 17, 2001
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1. An expression of joy usually accompanied by raising both arms in the air; the higher, the more joyful.
Can also be used sarcastically.
by Elaine October 17, 2001
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