Sir William Wallace Scottish Patriot and Martyr ,Murdered by the fuckin English in 1305.Totally unheard of outside of Scotland untill Mel Gibson Starred as him in Braveheart now everyone has heard of him! COOL!
englishman: hey that william wallace was a made up character
me: Shut up you stupid english prick before I destroy you!
by The Equaliser May 31, 2006
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A great man who died for his country without fear.
I stab and punch and chop at will I wear a skirt that's called a kilt. Don't have a beard but I'm Scottish still cause I'm the William Wallace
by MrShadeNG April 12, 2011
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The brave scot who triumphed over Prou' Edward Longshanks and his English cronies at the Battle of Sterling Bridge. He was soon defeated at the Battle of Falkirk, mostly do to snoody Edward buying all of his allies.
Contrary to Braveheart, William Wallace did not have a mullet.
by El_Haggis September 11, 2006
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The act of first receiving oral sex from a chick until you are close to ejaculating, then pulling your penis out and mushroom stamping the four corners of her face (in homage to William Wallace's limbs being sent to the four corners of England), then crying "Freedom!" as you come on her newly stamped visage, preferably dropping her panties out of your outstretched hand as you do so.
I was feeling patriotic, so I paid homage to the Scots by giving some hood rat the William Wallace.

That cocksucker sure was surprised when I pulled out and William Wallace'd all over her face.

Guy 1: Damn, why does Tanya have four red marks on her face?
Guy 2: Oh, I gave her the William Wallace last night.
Guy 1: Nice. I hope you yelled "Freedom!"
by Lije March 16, 2008
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A conniosseur of pornography. He is so much more than a historical figure. He specializes in breast milk with auto-ingestion. Lactation and all milk related activities fall under his umbrella of pornographic interests.

Additionally he is a fan of blumpkins and Alabama hot pockets. He is a master of his craft.
by Dr. Dingleberryologist November 20, 2018
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Oh ur such a basic William Wallace.
by ririririiririri144163435761253 September 10, 2018
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The real one: Wears A Kilt. Rolls in the mud with said kilt on. Has a two-handed Claymore sword. Chops off people's legs with said sword. Fought against the warriors of Edward The Longshanks.

The faerytale William Wallace: fights Longshanks to the death, Longshank's blood dripping down Wallace's face while he does a sword dance around his bloody claymore. He then slits open Longshank's wife's chest and removes her guts.
1. William Wallace was the bravest Scotsman to ever exist.

2. William Wallace was the goriest Scotsman to not exist.
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