Vikings were Norse or Scandinavian raiders and seafarers. From the late 8th to early 12th centuries they raided wide areas of Europe and also established many governments, and trading networks. The Vikings were known for their ferocity and sailing ability. The word “Viking” does not describe the Norse or Scandinavian people as a whole, but rather it describes the Norse or Scandinavian men who went sailing and raiding.

The vast majority of Viking raiders were male, and the main reason they originally started their raiding was because they wanted to acquire women from foreign lands for sex and marriage. Viking men would return from their raiding with large amounts of women that they had kidnapped. Polygyny was common, so rich and powerful Viking warriors had many wives and concubines.

Apart from Europe, the Vikings had activities in faraway regions such as North Africa, and the Middle East. There is also ample evidence that Vikings had colonized parts of North America. The Vikings have had an undeniable impact on the course of world history.
Vikings were known for their ferocity in battle. They would often defeat their enemies, and then steal their women.
by Ivar the Boneless August 3, 2019
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Barbarian Zeus Chuck Norris

Terrifying Norse titans.
They're made mostly of beard, mead and DEATH!

Viking activities:

Raping wenches.
The Highland Games.

Closely related to Scotsmen, Spartans and Zeus. They are believed to be descended from the love-child of Chuck Norris and a mountain troll.
Vikings vs. Godzilla = BBQ lizard and alot of designer handbags.
by Igor Headmasher March 1, 2009
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When the fridge gets raided at a party by drunk and stoned people in search for the munchies.
Oh, a bunch of people went Vikings on our fridge last night.
by jfreeman December 26, 2011
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During the Middle Ages (A.D. 500-1500), fierce warriors called Vikings lived on the Scandinavian Peninsula of northern Europe. The Vikings, a tall people known for their blond hair and blue eyes, were skilled craftsmen and daring seamen. They raided many European nations and explored far out into the Atlantic Ocean.
Around the year A.D. 1000, the Viking Leif Ericson discovered the North American continent. It is believed that the Vikings might have started several little villages at the tip of Newfoundland, an island off Canada's Atlantic coast. Although they did not tell anyone about their discovery, the Vikings were nevertheless probably the second people to discover America.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ November 15, 2010
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From history: Badass warriors from Scandinavia who fucked up anyone unlucky enough to meet them.
From Minnesota: a shitty team that disappoints the entire state once a week
JImmy: you watch the vikings last night
Johns: ya...we lost...again
by Adetokunbo January 6, 2015
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NFL team from Minnesota known for choking, pulling defeat from the jaws of victory, playing football indoors like a bunch of girls, and never having won anything.
Moss: "Hey, Daunte, is our Vikings team going to the Super Bowl this year?"
Daunte: "Sure, Randy! Want to watch it at my house or yours?"
by webay January 24, 2005
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Relatives of the norwegians. Some other countries (Danmark, Sweden) tried to make their own vikings. They failed. The norwegian vikings ruled Europe, scared the crap out of anyone else, drank "mjød" (bier), fucked "kjerringer" (big breasted norwegian women), had names like "Blood axe" and made "svenskevitser" (jokes) of the other scandinavians.

Some vikings still live in Norway today.
"Run for the hills! The vikings are coming"

"Can sweden have vikings too?"
by Erik Blod April 19, 2004
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