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When the fridge gets raided at a party by drunk and stoned people in search for the munchies.
Oh, a bunch of people went Vikings on our fridge last night.
by jfreeman December 25, 2010
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people who originated from scandinavia.known for being feirce wrriors that struck fear into the hearts of men.prefered the axe and were quite skilled in batle with it.the actual discoverers of the new world
vikings were greater fighers than even the spartans
by Lars F. October 28, 2003
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Infinitely better than both Ninjas, and Pirates, at the same time.
Guy1: Hey, what happened to guy2?
*Viking falls out of the sky*
Viking:I just split his body in half with a claymore while fighiting three ninjas and six pirates!
Guy1:*shits pants *runs away*

Vikings will eat you.
by Vikinger November 24, 2007
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Barbarian Zeus Chuck Norris

Terrifying Norse titans.
They're made mostly of beard, mead and DEATH!

Viking activities:

Raping wenches.
The Highland Games.

Closely related to Scotsmen, Spartans and Zeus. They are believed to be descended from the love-child of Chuck Norris and a mountain troll.
Vikings vs. Godzilla = BBQ lizard and alot of designer handbags.
by Igor Headmasher March 01, 2009
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'Northmen' hailing from Scandinavia who were well known for their raids of much of Western Europe and other areas. They settled in many non-Scandinavian areas such as Yorkshire (UK), various parts of Scotland, Dublin (Ireland)and Normandy (France) and their effect on these areas is still felt to this day.
Viking: "Odin bids us pace!"

The Jorvik Viking Centre of Yorkshire is a museum that shows the Viking history of Yorkshire.
by Jorvik Raider July 23, 2008
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Warriors of the North, that beat the living fuck out of the christians during the medieval times. Vikings are massive burly bearded men, usually armed wiht swords or axes, that like to drink, fight, and rape christian whores. Weak, modern men are a disgrace of utmost disgust, compared to the mighty vikings.
"Hail Thor!" roared the berzerker Viking as he raised his axe and swung down, chopping a christian's head clean in half, splattering brains all over his blade, arm and face.
by GROMM August 08, 2004
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A large Norseman who wanders the iced over pagan lands and occasionally comes down from the far north to slaughter Twilight fans.
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