Australian term for the tobbaco that is mixed and "chopped up" with weed before it is smoked by many young people here.
"Can I scab a spin cigga?"
"This mix needs more spin, it's too straight."
by Diego July 8, 2003
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The point where you drank too much and now the room is spinning. Usually caused by drinking too much too fast or by combining alcohol with marijuana.
Yo I was chillin when all the sudden I started gettin the spins.
by Dirty Jersey December 18, 2004
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To ignore, play, or reject someone
Ayanda: Damn. Jamar, Jose, and Jeremiah tryna fuck with you?
Jasmine: Yeah. I’m not messing with none of them fr though
Ayanda: Yikes. You really out here spinning niggas, huh?
by itsjaaassss December 2, 2018
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A New Yrok term for pulling up to someone or somewhere
Ayooo that's him right here spin!
by 7Syns November 4, 2020
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(Also spelled spIn) A word short for "special interest" combining the first two letters of each word. This word is used by the autistic community when talking about their special interests (specific topics that an autistic person is passionate about, and loves to learn and talk about)
Susan: why are you so excited for psychology class?
Greta: Because it's my spin! I love learning about psychology!
by Jammin jelly December 28, 2021
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The spins is a term originated in north america, it happens when you overdrink or mix drinking with marijuana and the room begins to spin, usually causing nausea and toilet hugging behaviour. There are two things that cause the spins more than others, one being drinking Vodka and the other being Mixing rum with marijuana. A good way to avoid puking when you start to feel like this is to stand up, ALWAYS stay standing if you are sitting down and starting to spin, i say this in great confidence with years of experience behind this method.
"I was pretty drunk but as soon as we smoked that blunt i caught the spins and my night was over"
by Christopher Bowman June 27, 2007
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