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these goddamn cocksuckin sons of bitches don't know
shit squat bout nuthin...!!!!
i ain't bout ta watch no damn art house film
filmed in hd in 4:3 aspect ratio...
full screen is for asshole lickin jackasses...
why can't all dvds come in 16:9 only?
makes me all pissy and shit when i accidentally get a movie in 4:3...
i may be pmsin like a lil bitch but
all the faggots who like their damn movies in 4:3 aspect ratio
can hit the zoom button on their dvd remote and it'll be full screen on their 4:3 tv...
the black bars on the top and bottom annoys the shit out of em...
4:3 ass lickin is a shame....cutting away the true composition of each shot...
all the blind motherfuckers will never get the feel for compositional design
the intention was meant....
maybe i'll never see....
have some class....take a bunch of film courses
please forward this message to any REAL AMERICAN
4:3 and i'll kick your ass
by Eazy-X April 04, 2008
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Someone who thinks they are better than everyone because they shop walmart, drink starbucks, shop the mall and dress american eagle and go to church. They think they are individuals because they condemn those that look a little different or hipster. They are just as judgemental and rude as those they hate. all the young kids think they're better than their peers. They watch stupid summer block busters and condemn those that like things different. their weird tweaks and hidden inconfidence is clearly seen. they listen to pop rock radio hits and expects everyone to be like them. anything too different is just trying too hard. psuedo-conformist are just as pretentious and passive aggressive as their counter part. they love to rant
I like to judge people because i'm a psuedo-conformist. i shop walmart and watch action movies, i hate pseudo intellectuals because i'm young and i love to argue till my throat and ears bleed.especially when it's from the safety of my computer. i hate all my peers who are different or the same. theres always a way to argue my points even if no one listens. everyone tries too hard except me. i'm real
by eazy-x February 19, 2008
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a loose term describing an art movement with a similar mind set and group of ideals. characteristics of post modernism may be characterized by liberal arts, fluff, anti tradition, anti mainstream, anti classical art, anti commercial, anti establishment, simplicity, intellectual thought, anti realistic. post modern art usually deals with conceptual ideas meaning less focus on traditional beauty and more focus on ideas and innovation. it may seem dry to many people and is often labeled pretentious. post modernism is a response to older art styles.
post modernism is a movement rejected by the passive mainstream because it forces the audience to think too much. in essence it is created for more of an aggressive artsy crowd.
by eazy-x February 11, 2008
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someone who sticks their hard veiny dick up their mom's ass and wet hairy pussy. they squeeze their mother's wrinkly tits til milk comes out. son and mother fucking until the sun comes up. for some it's called making love, but for many it's a disturbing thing. they 69 til they cum really hard in eachother's mouth.
those sick muthaphucka s are a bunch of low lives that live out their little sick fantasies.
by eazy-x January 23, 2008
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A system that splits a stereo signal into a 5.1 surround sound system. Since stereo recordings are made for 2 speakers and 5.1 surround sound systems have 6 speakers dolby pro logic II splits the different sounds into different speakers based on the wave length of the sound within the recording. Normally the vocals fall into the front center speaker and the instruments may fall into surrounding speakers and the bass falls into the sub woofers. many video game developers make games using dolby pro logic II technology because there is no digital audio outsource for the game device except some of the newer systems such as the ps3 and xbox 360. games that use dolby pro logic II will have sounds fall into an individual speaker based on where the sounds of gunshots or effects is located in relation to the perspective of the gamer. cd's are only available in stereo and dvd's could hold up to 7.1 surround sound. with dolby pro logic II stereo recordings could seem to have as much depth as a 5.1 recording.
some albums are recorded with dolby pro logic II in mind. notice how the main vocals falls into the front center speaker and the choir falls into all the surrounding speakers.
by Eazy-X April 04, 2008
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i'm wiping my credit card on my asshole
that way when i go to buy stuff i'll leave my
shit stain on the credit card machine after
it is swiped....
then when everyone uses the same machine will
get my shit on their card...
and eventually on their hand...
when they start eating food
it'll be my shit on their hands...
and into their fuckin mouth
my shit swipe is contagious
by eazy-X March 06, 2008
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An artsy yuppie hipster with thick framed glasses and a track jacket that hangs out in smoothe urban ambient bars. He listens to trip hop, ambient techno, acid jazz, neo-soul, dj scratching. He sits in the cozy seats under mood lighting and talks to women to seduce them with his deep intellectual thought. He likes grafitti art and graphic design. He is not pretentious. loves sushi, trends, sophisticated metrosexual culture.
That lounge lizard is a graphic designer.
by eazy-x February 19, 2008
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