to violently remonstrate against someones stupidity in a controlled environment (like the office) by banging ones fists on their chair or body whilst standing above and behind them
Michael was furious at Eddie's stupidity and came out of his office and gave him the fucking best donkey kong that he has in years
by Macktown July 16, 2018
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dk donkey Kong dk donkey Kong is here hes the leader of the bunch you know him well hes finally back to kick some tail hes bigger faster and stronger too hes the first member of the dk crew .
oh man that donkey kong is such a hunk i hope he does the poo poo in my mouth

ps hes hot
by mac and cheese sex is great January 26, 2018
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To do a girl from behind until the point of climax, then promptly smash a barrel on her back while beating your chest and yelling out loud. Afterward you may pull out a banana and have fun.
When a girl enters your room you must first explain why there is a barrel on or near the bed. You might have to explain to her afterwards what the donkey kong is and why you did it.
by isamu999 November 11, 2007
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a unit of dry measurement approximately equal to one cup.
Hey Mario, how much flour does this recipe call for?
- About 2 donkey kongs, but don't use too much!
by A big fan of Donkey Kong... April 13, 2011
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a exotic dancer which resembles an ape like species. Aka a sleezy beezy.
Commonly seen in Geoffreys' house. (He likes ugly people)
"Geoffrey, stop doing donkey kong, Take out the trash and eat your paste!"

"The stripper pole says 'no donkey kongs allowed'"
by Thizzman June 13, 2006
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Australian term for deridable nonsense - used sardonically or in fun
What a load of donkey kong.
by Gina Dow August 10, 2006
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Ass king (not in a flattering way) - more apropos would be the inverse or "King of the Asses."
Diner 1: "Did I just hear what the dude at the table behind us just said?"

Diner 2: "Yep, he just requested the waiter to bring him a bottle of ketchup for his well-done, butterflied filet."

Diner 1: "His palate rates him Donkey Kong"
by machBailz May 15, 2007
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