11 definitions by Dr. Charles Dromedary

Driving with the windows rolled down and heat turned up high in the dead of winter.
While we were driving around town yelling at people, we had to turn on the Ken Clark heat so we didn't freeze.
by Dr. Charles Dromedary April 13, 2008
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The lengthy happy trail on a woman from the Indian subcontinent which extends from her thick coarse bushy hair bun, down her back, through the ass crack and taint, and up around to her bellybutton.
Suresh was turned on when Padma removed her saree, exposing her Khyber Pass which circumnavigated most of her body.
by Dr. Charles Dromedary September 21, 2016
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A group of chatty women and their offspring taking up space and being
loud in any suburban Starbucks. Often resembles a flock of hens and
their chicks pecking and clucking around a henhouse.

The group of women may include MILFs and MIRFs and can often be
seen with whale tail, sea cow tail, and wearing mom jeans.

Their conversations can be heard over the din of their
free ranging brood and usually involve giving other moms advice on
parenting or complaining about their husbands.
MJ: "David, I can't hear you on your cell phone!"

David: "Sorry for the background noise, I'm at a Starbucks and there's
a Starclucks here."
by Dr. Charles Dromedary February 21, 2009
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After the divorce, my unlaws still demanded to see their grandchildren all the time.
by Dr. Charles Dromedary January 16, 2017
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To put something off for later that you could do now.
Gina: "Are you going to wash that frying pan with the egg stuck on it?"
Chris: "No, I'm letting it soak. Are you going to rinse the cum off your tits?"
Gina: "No, I'm letting it soak."
by Dr. Charles Dromedary March 16, 2018
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Fingering a woman with your middle & index fingers.
Her vajayjay was really wet when I was petting the stingray.
by Dr. Charles Dromedary February 17, 2015
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