An absolutely brilliant British art rock and progressive-pop singer/songwriter/pianist. She was initially known for her 1978 debut single "Wuthering Heights," which hit #1 in the UK charts when she was only 19. As the years have gone by, she has released ten studio albums which all contain fantastic songwriting and her trademark dramatic soprano vocals. Seriously, she can belt, play and arrange like no other. She's also absolutely gorgeous, and comes from a highly intelligent and artistic family.
1982's "The Dreaming" and 1985's "Hounds of Love" are her most well-known masterpieces, but 2005's "Aerial" is just as extraordinary. If you're a new listener, check out her songs "Running Up That Hill" and "Army Dreamers" to get a sense of her idiosyncratic musical style. Don't worry if her unique vocal style doesn't appeal to you at first, it takes some warming up to for many new listeners!
It should be noted that Bush was also a child prodigy, who wrote approximately 200 songs before she released her debut album. Pink Floyd's legendary David Gilmour gave Bush's career the kickstart it needed, helping to produce a 3-track demo when she was just 16. Bush has been known as an influence and inspiration to many alternative acts since the mid-80s, and her influence is only growing greater by the year. Kate Bush is a true musical genius, who deserves all the acclaim she gets and more.
Evan: I wish Kate Bush would tour again, but unfortunately she wouldn't even come to the U.S. because of her fear of flying
Eric: well hey at least we still have her incredible music
Evan: yeah you're right, we're lucky to be alive at the same time as a musical mastermind like her
by josp-eh March 20, 2020
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The Greatest, most talented singer ever. She's Creative,eccentric and just amazing. Her music has inspired many singers aswell as everyday people. One of the most talented and unique musicians ever and she has managed to stay around for 4 decades.
I hear him, before I go to sleep
And focus on the day thats been.
I realise hes there,
When I turn the light off and turn over.

Nobody knows about my man.
They think hes lost on some horizon.
And suddenly I find myself
Listening to a man Ive never known before,

Telling me about the sea,
All his love, til eternity.

Ooh, hes here again,
The man with the child in his eyes.
Ooh, hes here again,
The man with the child in his eyes.

Hes very understanding,
And hes so aware of all my situations.
And when I stay up late,
Hes always waiting, but I feel him hesitate.

Oh, Im so worried about my love.
They say, no, no, it wont last forever.
And here I am again, my girl,
Wondering what on earth Im doing here.
Maybe he doesnt love me.
I just took a trip on my love for him.

Ooh, hes here again,
The man with the child in his eyes.
Ooh, hes here again,
The man with the child in his eyes.
-Kate Bush
by musicfan101 May 9, 2010
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Strange hippy lady who sings weird songs that make little, if any, sense.
All yours, Babushka, Babushka, Babushka-ya-ya

All yours, Babushka, Babushka, Babushka-ya-ya
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 19, 2004
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If you are called a Kate Bush, it means that you are a weird contorted lookin’ demon ready to scare your group of friends.

This name originated from Kate Bush herself when she released her possessed acrobatic music video of Wuthering Heights from her debut album The Kick Inside. It was soon notified that she was an entitled demon waiting to throw glitter in your face.

In 1993 she jumped through a mirror to get some shitty paper from an Irish geezer with a monobrow. She swears. It was a good album tho ngl.

Anyways, if your a Kate Bush, you’re basically scary and confusing.

Oh and it’s probably because you have long bushy ginger hair like Merida from Disney’s Brave.
“You alright Kate Bush!?”

“The fuck-“

“Yeah it’s what you kinda resemble now.”

“Oh. Okay.”

*does weird acrobatic shit*
by SweatAngerAndShame2020 August 28, 2020
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Amazing singer who sang the song Running Up That Hill from Stranger things which was a hit and everybody loved
Girl: Did you listen to Running Up that hill by Kate bush?
Boy: Yeah It was really good
by numeyer123 July 6, 2022
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Demented, pretentious bint who suffers from a motoneuronal disease which causes her to leap about like an insane pogo-stick. She cannot pronounce her "R's" properly, and 'sings' like a cat having a rusty nail rammed through its testicles. Could be Mick Hucknall is drag.
Arrgh! Kate Bush! Turn it off before my ears begin to bleed, and I have to hack them off with a blunt scalpel!
by CheekyMonkeyBoy April 6, 2004
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A slightly eccentric britsh women who is a great singer and song writer. Her most famous hit is 'wuthering height's. Famous for singing high pitched.
Kate bush is at number one yet again!
by CalmG August 10, 2003
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