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One tall girl who will kick your ass if you mess with her. You can only find one girl who has the first name McCulloch. Originally a last name, for the first time in 1995 was made into a first name. Quite an honor to met this girl. Weird sense of humor, loves to tease, towers above you. Pretty damn amazing too. Beautiful. Intelligent. Loving. Looks older than she really is. gets all the sexy young males.
Person 1: "I wonder who that tall girl, beautiful, unique girl is?"
Person 2: "Definitely McCulloch. Dumbass"
by iforgetwhoiam December 31, 2011
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Something that is so awesome but so boring at the same time... aka soporific

has an odd obsession with gnomes
A lullaby that MAKES u sleep
My English teacher is such a McCulloch
by McCullohers May 30, 2011
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A strange, usually traveling individual. Prone to upset and a fan of the female anatomy: See Robert.
Damn, that guy over there sure pulled a Joseph McCulloch.
by Yobuddykekeke March 1, 2009
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1 bottle of red wine = approx. £10.

All monetary values are measured in how many bottles of red wine you can get.
Man 1: "I got shitty mcshitband tickets for next month for £50"
Man 2 : "FFS Man 1, that's 5 bottles of red!"
Man 3: "Ah, of course, The McCulloch Scale"
by Ianisanalchy November 26, 2017
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To carefully scrutinize the means one uses to achieve a legitimate end. (Based on Chief Justice Marshall's opinion in McCulloch v. Maryland.)
When Sally removed her sweatpants, Ralph noticed that her daily Thigh Master workouts were not necessarily serving their proper purpose. “I’m gonna have to Broad McCulloch this bitch!” He said with dismay, and speed dialed the number to his plastic surgeon Dr. Kenneth Noisewater.
by Tim Clayton April 24, 2007
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An Arran is someone who is 2 faced and rapes little girls and thinks he's hard also gets battered AFF his "pals"
That guy over their with the bread hair is a pure rapist arran McCulloch
by t-jay February 13, 2018
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