You surprise your crush with a present and give them a very long hug. Ask them out too and don't take no as a response! Don't be scared! This is your day to tell them everything you love about them.
Guys, it's January 25, confess to your crushes and tell them why you love them. Don't forget a present and make sure you ask them out too!
by 13TJWC November 12, 2019
The most beautiful girls are born on this day. January 25 is when the best people are born.
Where you born on January 25, because you're stunning.
by J_J_Poo November 9, 2019
National crush day, on this day
ask ur crush out and don't take no for an answer, this day only rolls around once a year so go get em!
It's january 25! Let me ask my crush out so i don't have to worry about it and live life to the fullest!
by begonethotties October 14, 2019
January 25 is the day that you confess your love to someone, but they brew your heart... and then they eventually leave you... heartbroken
January 25.... the day I confessed to him....
by Ur mom gae 420 February 27, 2019
National give your tallest female friend a hoodie day!
Person #1: “Hey, here’s my hoodie.”
Person #2: “But why?”
Person #1: “It’s January 25!”
by Ugly_memes February 22, 2020