Chattle (property) that is nice or expensive.
Yo, you see where that bitch lives? That joint is highrise.
by Xerobull November 29, 2002
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Building between 35 and 90 metres in height, which every self respecting city should have at least a few of. A skyscraper is taller than 90 metres.
Hmm, I estimate this building's height around 70 metres. It's a highrise.
by HighRise March 20, 2004
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The Highriser, also known as B. Fischer.

In the USA they call him the Highriser,
you know why!

Sometimes appears shortened as HGHRSR.

Many women committed suicide when rumors
were around the Highriser had married
Miss World 2003, which was proven wrong
by the Highriser himself when he told
the public in a 'time' interview that
she just was some one-night-stand, and
that at that time he din't even know
she was miss world.

Also used in colloquial language,
especially in connection with a good
feeling or an accomplished goal.
"Tonight i was risin' high like the Highriser!"

"I felt like the Highriser when she gave
me a kiss"
by apseudonym November 28, 2004
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The gay sexual position in which one man sits reverse style on the other man's shoulder so his wang is directly in the other man's face. The Lower man then proceeds to give oral sex to the man on his shoulder.

Also a dental instrument
It's a good thing that Marco is small enough so that Jeremy can lift him in order to give him a Ferraro Highrise.
by cd116 February 22, 2011
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A game that started out as a fun MOBILE METAVERSE targeted towards teens and tweens, but has now formed into a mod neglected breeding ground for child predators, racists, sexists, heterosexists (aka homophobes), transphobes, misogynists, and more. Management continues to refuse to improve the game and market and choose to ban and suspend POC players for speaking out. The avatars look like babies and Highrise is a huge money trap and you just cant stop playing and wanting to buy things. It's incredibly money dominated and doesn't even look nice. The community is toxic.
Highrise App
by Sapphire22d April 18, 2022
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The sheets were tented by my morning erection, that I refer to as my sunrise Highrise, even before I open my eyes in the morning
by Mr Fabulastic May 11, 2017
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