28 definition by Donald

Someone who gets smacked up fo bein a lil' biotch.
Greg Wheeler is a fougaisie.
by Donald January 07, 2004

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after taking part in anal sex, while the anal hole is still wide open and raw, a quick slap is applied to the sphincter hole
"After I busted, I pulled out and gave her a sphincter slap right on her hole and she started to sream
by DOnald July 23, 2003

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"H-R30 Ping Monster"

Well known 80's Skyline, produced in poo brown/grey with menstrual red interior; came factory standard with menstrual red interior trimmings.
Nissan sales rep: "Yeah drum brakes all round, pulls up real hard, line up school kids at the crosswalk, then brake 50m prior, hauls 80's arse."
by Donald March 06, 2003

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Noun- a form of writting, like a blog, except it seems to get abused by all the people that think, for some odd reason that thier poetry is the newest most expressive, influential thing on the block, when all they write is wanna be edgar allen poe, but in modern english, and all they write about is how much they love someone, or how much someone doesn't pay attention, because that is all they want.
My Poem
Today was a sad day
The one I love cares not for me
And every time I say hey they walk away quickly and call me a stalker
I can't help it if the only time i see them is on my way to the guidance counslers office
Oh, how I love my razor
Some read this from my school so i have an excuse ot go back to guidance.
by donald January 11, 2005

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a large turnip
do you see those big ecks in the field
by Donald October 08, 2003

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HERNA HERNA is slang and derived from the word and meaning of HERNIA.
1.my HERNA HERNA is starting to buldge from my groin.
2.HERN HERNA are go !
by DONALD December 16, 2004

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Jason Cluff,big puff ginger with nipple hair down to his knees
if you nipples are more then 6" long
by Donald March 17, 2005

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