28 definition by Donald

Profanity. Usually shouted when throwing leaves.
Hey Mrs. Burnmaster.....YAHTZEE!!!(Throws leaves)
by donald April 22, 2004

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past tense of ruin, the ultimate downfall, the worst
kelly thinks she looks deck in that tube top, but her chest is just rurnt.
by donald October 08, 2003

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A poor attempt at a hair transplant. Usually affecting 30 something men.
Haw smeagle have ye got any chuggie?
by Donald March 02, 2004

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large, slow and aggressive
adam booth smells fat gjksdjhdflfgsdfhsdhsdf
by Donald March 17, 2005

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a holocaust for asians that is yet to happen
yellocaust is a holocaust for asians that is yet to happen
by Donald September 08, 2004

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Hey, Lets Go Smoke Some Weed Chelsea
by Donald June 26, 2002

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1.The team of Mel, Eezie, Donald, Kel, Milton Lee, Reg, and Ken locted in Northern Virginia.
2.The team shares the same appetite for money, women and the pursute of happiness and the same characteristics and taste for girls, partying and straight having a fun time
3.They dont hate on nobody, only get hated on b/c of there unique style and class.
4.A way of life
5.D V D's
1.I heard the those P.B.S. boy's really got it going on
by DOnald July 23, 2003

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