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An asian slang word for close friend, or homie, most likely used by "ghetto" Vietnamese friends and thugs, back in the 1990s; Although some chinese had been also known to use that word.
1, Four in Twenty Vietnamese ghetto youths, used the word "piddy" back in the 1990s.

2.The term Piddy, died out in the late 1990s, as they began to grow up, prison or death ., and though it has some what of a large popularity, it was not enough to keep the word alive.

3.Ironically in the film "Baby", the Asian gangster film, The main characters best friend name was Piddy.
by reppen February 18, 2010
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rap legend and one of hiphop's finest artist of all times.
Dang G, Piddy's latest album went triple platinum. Yo fo shizzle? Word Up Dawg
by DE August 06, 2004
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Another way of saying "n00b". A derogatory term used as a slur towards rap artists, by those who don't have a clue about rap or hip-hop.

Also a shite artist who has been ridiculed by critics all over the world.
Example 1: That dude is a fucking Piddy sometimes.

Example 2: Dang foo, you sound so whack I think you a Piddy.

Example 3: You hear Piddy's album? No? Me either. I've heard it was shit, though.
by DE Izzle June 05, 2005
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