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How can one define a living legend? Ill try.
Porkfry is many things to many people, A loving husband, A dedicated game tester, A famous inter-tron posting guy.

see also - pimpin' LARGE, Spider, Beer
They say this cat Porkfry is a bad mother
by Doc March 19, 2005
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anything stupid or not worth wasting your energy talking about...a manner in which to express a term of endearment and stupidness simultaneously in a single breath.
Russell is pooh pants.

Russell says pooh pants a lot.

Friends of friends we don't particularly care for are pooh pants.
by Doc April 17, 2004
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1. originated in southern France, this is the last name of the legendary Goudreau clan. Interbred with Native Americans, Goudreaus harbor the best possible traits to both thrive in the athletic realm and regulate academia. A person who is this is outlandishly balanced to succeed in the athletic arena and academic endeavors.
"He just dunked on that kid, and then threatened to deviate his septum! That's Goudreau don."
by Doc February 25, 2005
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strongest youngin crew in silver spring.startred in 2005, started by three boys which is now a 40 man crew. all always strapped, and ready to fight. their territory stretches from four cornes to wheaton in silver spring
"what happened" "i got jumped by the kinsman crew"
by doc April 04, 2005
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A career option that seems like the road to riches until graduation, when realise that the job market has been supersaturated with fellow geeks for the past five years.

Also: for the above reason, a slang term for a male 20something worker in a fast food restaurant.
"Of course, with a masters degree in software engineering, it was either flipping burgers or the dole queue again on Monday morning."
by Doc January 28, 2004
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Excreting one’s fecal matter in such a way that disrupts the olfactory nerves for several days. Originally thought to originate from the 1700’s, recent carbon dating tests reveal top-shelving dates back to the 1400’s. Early techniques of the Top-shelving were in the form of crapping in someone’s sandals and/or robe. Towards the 1800’s the technique evolved, and crapping in one’s wagon, and became the standard practice of implementing a top-shelf. In the 20th Century the top-shelf has taken on a new face. Today’s modern top-shelf are a based upon removing the lid of a toilet and taking a fat deuce in the tank. Typically, the day before completing a top-shelf you want to load up on crabs and fajitas so that your crap will have lethal properties.
1. People that are from California are so used to stinky poopy dicks, that top-shelves are welcomed in non-smoking bars.

2. Hey dood, lets top shelf Demi Moore’s place.

3. Fuck Flushies 2000. A good Top Shelf will kill that rank smell.
by Doc September 28, 2003
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someone who got his ass kicked by taylor and cried
karl tried to fight taylor and got his ass kicked hard`
by Doc March 27, 2003
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