as in "one on one talk" or "heart to heart"...oooohhhh, bet you didn't know that
by onyboy October 5, 2003
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n: nickname of a place called Helenica 121; name of the place I live in
Everybody in the 121 puts your hands up and give me 1.
by destro April 3, 2005
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A number/integer between 120 and 122. (See also -121)
I have 121 (random plural noun).
by GravityManipulationUnit June 7, 2020
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Starting with urination when dropping a duece, then sitting their for so long that you urinate yet again. That is known as a 121.
Friend1: Yo kid what took you so long.
Friend2: It was a 121!
Friend1: Booya!
by NZRoadKill April 7, 2006
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A fire station that can not crew worth shit. There could be 10 houses in fire and they would be in there 5th page. They can never get any guys to show up for calls. There truck stays so clean because the damn thing never leaves.
121 “ ‘this is your last and final page
by Shuveit June 29, 2020
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A negative number/integer between -122 and -120. (See also: 121)
-121 is a integer
by GravityManipulationUnit June 7, 2020
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Rule 121: If it's a chat site, people will fuck on it.
Rule 121a: If it's a chat site and people haven't fucked on it, they will, no exceptions.
Hey dude, I just went on Chatango and it was nothing but people cybering.
Dude, rule 121.
by The Internet Rule Legislators September 27, 2018
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