a fine powder created from rubbing the THC crystals off of marijuana buds with a cheese cloth to cheapen the bud and later to be added to your own stash for added potency
I put some kif on these sweet blueberry nugs so just take one hit and you'll be flying
by daniel mathias July 3, 2003
(from Arabic)
1. (noun) a mixture of tobacco and ganja frequently prepared and used in Morocco
2. (noun) the THC-laden tri-chromes of ganja, collected by rubbing your greenery (buds, stems, etc) against a very fine mesh screen. Often pressed into hash, sprinkled over a bowl, or mixed in with buds.
3. (verb) to produce kif from ganja
1. Ever since I returned from Rabat, I have had a strong urge for kif.
2. Hey Isaac, don't be stingy with the kif on that bowl, we want to get riiiiiiipped.
3. When I regain my motor skills, I will definitely finish kifing those stems.
by coreyander September 2, 2005
kif..obtained from marijuana..you can achieve making or getting kif many of ways...expensive and cheap. there are many levels of kif. and many people kif different parts of the plant. some kif buds some the sugar leafs that are cut off before selling...kif is then used to lace your bowl, smoke plain, or to make different types of hash. one ways is by by putting it into a kif press...and boom hash..but don't get caught with kif..it is a big nono...it is a manufactured drug...think about it.
damn that kif really kicks me in the ass.
by pua December 20, 2004
kif: if i said you had a beautiful body would you take your pants of and dance around a little
by zx November 1, 2003
French and slangy word: interest, hobby, what sb loves to do.
Manger des tartes aux poireaux, c'est mon kif !
by Marianne January 18, 2004