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Reconnaisance - i.e. visualy observing a target/location prior to the main operation
Alpha team recce the DZ
by Major genesis August 06, 2005
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Media term for scouting a location for possibility of filming/recording there.
We did a recce of the location and discovered it was in the Gatwick flight line.
by WilcosWorld May 14, 2005
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Short for 'recentior' (Latin for "beginner"). Used at Uppsala University, the oldest in the Nordic countries, to refer to new students in their first term. Used in roughly the same way as fresher is at UK universities.
I was so drunk after the reccepubrunda (freshers' pub crawl) that I redecorated the bathroom when I came home.
by Mumintroll September 11, 2010
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Recce is an amazing guy. He may seem untrustworthy at first, he may even be a "Bad Boy", but eventually he will become amazing. It's hard not to fall for him. He may seem like a dick at first, he may even do some dumb things. He has a nice car, possibly even a motorcycle. He'll get in the way sometimes and make a fool of himself for you. But when you get to know him, you'll realize that he'd dodge a bullet for you. He's sweet like a rose, and tough like a thistle. Never give up on Recce, even when he lets you down. Love Recce and be kind to him. Because remember, even when you don't think so, he loves you too, always. <3
"Did you see that new guy?"
"Yeah, his name s Recce. He looks like he's dangerous.
by 1018357674 May 30, 2017
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