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It stands for Save Our Souls and is used mostly by the millitary, but anyone around the world understands what it means. Anyone is allowed to transmit this if they are in a life threatning situation. In morse code it looks like this:


In the Netherlands it's also a slang term for cocaine.
crashing plane: SOS, SOS!
radio operator: Yea don't sniff too much of that shit
by Dickkwikkwek December 13, 2005

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The way your computer usually smells after a LAN party.

Although this also goes for massive LAN parties, it's especially appliable for private LAN parties.

When you are playing with friends at private LAN parties, they are most of the time held in relatively small rooms with bad air ventilation (like garages or living rooms). Sitting with at least eight people in a small room breathing the same air with running computers for a whole night long gives the air a nasty smell. When you are in it yourself you don't really notice it (ever been in a bar?). When there are smokers there (this is in 99% of the cases true) it makes it a lot worse.

Computers circulate air trough the case with fans to cool the components inside. If your computer runs all night in an enviroment like that, it has circulated a lot of that air trough it. So, the next day when you come home and turn your computer on for the first time, you'll get a blast of nasty air out of the back of the case. Usually it takes at least 2 days of full running time before it disappears.
example 1: Man, it's been a week and my computer still has that LAN party smell.

example 2: When i turned my computer on for the first time after that LAN party i had to throw my windows open because of the LAN party smell.
by dickkwikkwek December 28, 2006

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To murder some people and get plead innocent. Then write a book and make a documentary about it; basicly making fun of the whole event, and admitting that you did it. Giving a huge party 10 years after the final judgement and inviting everyone (including the world press) is also a part of it.
OJ Simpson murdered Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman. He got away with it O.J. Style.
by Dickkwikkwek November 26, 2006

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Someone who opens a beer, takes a sip or two and then just ignores it. Since others know that the beer is probably owned by someone, they don't drink it either. After thirty minutes or so the CO2 is gone from the beer and the beer has warmed up to room temperature, making it unenjoyable to drink.

This usually happens when people also smoke weed during the occasion. It should be punished by death.
Guy at a party who finds a near-full but opened bottle of beer that has been standing there for over an hour: "We've got a beer murderer in the building!"
by dickkwikkwek January 04, 2007

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See beer murderer.

This is beer murder at a large scale. The party host usually finds out about it when he cleans up after the party.
Party host: God damn it. Look at all these half-full bottles i collected from the room. More then 10 of them. It's been a beer massacre. I have to throw all this beer away now. What a bunch of assholes.
by dickkwikkwek January 04, 2007

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L.A. Guns is a glam rock band from Los Angeles, California, originally formed in 1983 and continuing on today. During the 1980s the band's first two albums gained some commercial success, though historically the band is perhaps most noteworthy because its original members went on to form Guns N' Roses.

There are currently two bands touring as L.A. Guns, as of 2006. One fronted by Phil Lewis, the other fronted by Paul Black (featuring Tracii Guns).

In Los Angeles, during 1983. Guitarist Tracii Guns formed the L.A. Guns with singer Axl Rose, bassist Ole Beich, and drummer Rob Gardner. Axl later quit to form Hollywood Rose and was replaced by Michael Jagosz. The band demoed in 1984, but Tracii and Rob left to reform with Axl as Guns N' Roses (named after L.A Guns and Hollywood Rose, not Tracii Guns and Axl Rose) and L.A. Guns broke up. However, Tracii soon left Guns N' Roses and reformed his own band. Guns N' Roses replaced him with guitarist Slash and went on to sell millions of records.

For the third lineup of L.A. Guns, Tracii recruited Mau Maus and The Joneses drummer Paul Mars Black (who switched to vocals) and guitarist Mick Cripps (who switched to bass) and teamed up with drummer Nickey "Beat" Alexander. They were later joined by ex Dogs D'Amour first singer, Robert Stoddard. This lineup demoed and gigged in 1985 and 1986, with Black contributing to much of the material that would be recorded on their debut album.

Paul was replaced by Phil Lewis of the British band, Girl. Mick then switched to guitar when Robert left, and former member of Faster Pussycat, Kelly Nickels, was added on bass. The L.A. Guns then recorded their first album, released in 1988 on Vertigo Records, L.A. Guns. The debut album spawned the singles "One More Reason" and "Sex Action" along with many other L.A. Guns classics. On tour, Nickey was replaced by former W.A.S.P. drummer Steve Riley and this lineup remained until 1992.

In 1989, they released their second album Cocked & Loaded. It contained the smash radio and video hit, "The Ballad of Jayne" which brought the album to gold sales status (over five hundred thousand sold), this was the commercial peak of their career. The album also contained the hits, "Never Enough" and "Rip & Tear". The band also released two home videos coinciding with these two albums, "One More Reason" (1989) and "Love, Peace, & Geese" (1990).

During 1991, the band released their third album Hollywood Vampires on Polydor Records. The album failed to re-achieve the gold status of Cocked & Loaded, but did spawn a few hits such as "Kiss My Love Goodbye" and "It's Over Now". Guns participated in the supergroup Contraband the same year. The L.A. Guns released a five song EP titled Cuts in 1992 and then in 1994 their fourth album Vicious Circle, drummer Michael "Bones" Gershima played on parts of these recording as this was around this time Phil Lewis fired drummer Steve Riley. Riley later returned to the band for the Vicious Circle club tour. After this, the L.A. Guns were dropped from Polygram (Vertigo/Polydor) Records. Phil Lewis and Mick Cripps then left the band.
I bought "Cocked & Loaded", "Hollywood Vampires" and "Tales from the Strip" from L.A. Guns. These are suprisingly fun, sleazy and decent rock albums featuring cool guitar work and good singing. Guns 'n Roses fans will surely appreciate it too.
by Dickkwikkwek January 15, 2007

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See beer murderer and beer massacre.

The murder on a beer.
Guy. Dudes, yesterday i was high at that party and i commited a beer murder. I feel ashamed of myself.
by dickkwikkwek January 04, 2007

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