the most elite of the bad asses.
they create pure and raw energy with flicks of the wrist and twitches of their fingers to make your favorite songs.

most notable guitarists have influenced the world as we know it, ie: John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Dave Gilmour, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan.

usually just called a guitarist
Wow! That Guitar player is rockin' that solo.
by Baron Crane July 2, 2006
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Biggest fuckin wankers in the world.
Go and experiment with your homo-sex in college ya faggot mama's boys.
by I hate guitar players April 4, 2005
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That other definition is pure bullshit. A black guitar, a person that is of African or Black race/origin. Jimi Hendrix was the best guitarist period. He was black and influnced alot of guitarist of all races. Usually they are Afropunk
Bands with black guitar players/band members:

Jimi Hendrix Experience
Suicidal Tendencies
The Sins
Bad Brains
Fish Bone
God Forbid
24/7 spyz
Living Colour
Lenny Kravitz

(If you think they don't exist your a freakin' dumb@$$!!!)

by VO0DO0 January 8, 2006
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That guy that can shred fast and will die at 27 due to heroin, lcd, pcp, cocaine, alcohol, speed, shroom overdose all at once.
When you're at a funeral for a young persons' death: "Man that guy went down as a lead guitar player."
by stop throwing stuff July 9, 2019
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The middle child of band. They don't get noticed much. But are usually pretty humble. UNLIKE THE LEAD!
by stop throwing stuff July 9, 2019
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A myth, something that doesn't exist.
The holocaust is like a black guitar player!
by Mike Mcgurk April 18, 2005
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Someone who plays the style of guitar that's called a flying V.
Dale's a Badass flying V guitar player! Pure raw talent & genius
by Starchylde April 17, 2017
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