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style of car modification, as applied (mostly) to cars built after 1949. cars prior to this date being hot rods.
Modification's include lowered suspension, roof chops, shaving of chrome side trim, and basically trying to make a good car look better.
One of the most famous examples being the Hirohata Mercury, a 1951 two-door mercuray sedan which was extensively modified by the famous Barris Bros
Take a look at Barris Bros, KKOA, Kustom Kings, in this case a picture paints a thousand words
by Taff R August 13, 2007
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A company that makes professional sound equipment, mainly guitar and bass amplifiers and PA.

Kustom started out with a bang, offering several models of guitar amplifiers as well as Bass rigs and P.A. systems. The designs were fresh, the ideas hot and the technology was cutting edge for its time.

Within the first two years of its existence, Kustom had grown to be one of the major manufacturers in the world. They expanded their product line to include guitars, bass guitars and organs. They also started building concert quality pro sound gear for sound companies.
The first products had badges that said Kustom By Ross, Inc.

These fine products, everything from amplifiers, sound reinforcement, stage lighting, organs, electric pianos to guitars, were built in Chanute, KS. U.S.A.

Although famous worldwide for their "Tuck & Roll" design, Kustom did their best to keep up with the times, introducing newer black vinyl designs in the mid 1970's.

The new products included an ever expanding line of high end pro sound gear as well as a new product line geared for the weekend player and beginner.

By this time in the history, the Kustom company was bought and sold several times. This was a common practice in the 1960's and 1970's for several big conglomerates to acquire and then sell any company they could buy.

The 1970's saw Kustom having much success in getting a large dealer network in North America.

Kustom changed their logo in the late 70's to the famous big white "K". Most of these designs were covered in heavy duty black "Tolex".

The late 1970's saw Kustom developing designs aimed at church installations and other designs for Disco installations. The products produced at this time were rugged and reliable, just like all of the earlier models.
The Tolex is almost indestructible and the heavy construction of the cabinets made Kustom gear perfect for heavy touring. This era also saw an upgrade in technology. Better sounding products with a much improved signal to noise ratio.

Some late 1983 through end of the line models sported a "reverse" logo. Black "K" with white lining.

Kustom was sold several times in the late 70's and early 80's. It was owned by the folks who owned Baldwin for a while and it was also owned by Gretsch. I believe remembering something about a Showbud connection also.

The original Chanute, KS plant ceased operation in the mid 1980's and for a couple of years the name was part of history. It has been said a few Kustom amps were built in Nashville TN in the mid 80's.

All of the new products are designed in the U.S.A. but are made in China using components from the US and abroad. They have just opened a large new factory and promise great products in the future!

As of 2005, Kustom is still making a line up of sound equipment. Most of the new gear is aimed at the hobbyist and weekend musician. They have some great new gear. I have used it and the new Kustom folks are doing a good job bringing back the Kustom name!
I tried one of the new Kustom coupe combo's and it's amazing!
by dickkwikkwek September 05, 2006
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