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The Best football team in Italy. Although they had a so-so year they can still tie Milan. Lets talk about the top scorer, Vicenzo Montella molto benne. Totti, Chivu, Mexes, Vallas, Mancini, De Rossi, Perroti, and soon to be Emre. Vaffanculo, Juve, Meelan, Lazio, Inter. Serie A champions in 2005/2006.
(Young Boy) who is AS Roma
(the pope) only the best football team thsi world has ever seen in 30 years
by ill will March 28, 2005
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The most explosive football team in Italy! The Giallorossi!
(RED AND GOLD) Roma will win the 2007 SCUDETTO!
the Giallorossi(AS Roma) are Gods gift to Italian football
by Tiofsi October 09, 2006
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The best football club(soccer for you americans) on the face of this earth. Even though they didn't have a great 2004/2005 season, they have the most supportive fans ever! They will rise to the top for the 2005-2006 season of Seria A!!!
Totti isn't the only player in AS Roma...
by joemingia125 August 05, 2005
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see 'stab'
on hearing the Champions League draw pit his team against AS Roma: Roma away? fucking stabby bastards
by xgoonerx September 15, 2010
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