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Not to be confused with the Chevy model or band.

An impala is a majestic fucking wild beast that you can’t help but drool wishing you could sink your teeth into. They’re lean af and probably way faster than you unless you’re a cheeta!
Damn son, you see Darla?! I wouldn’t mind pouncing on that Impala. Too bad she’s way out of my league.
by DiamondDick9 May 07, 2020

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To steal a smile from another who is unwilling or flat out refuses to smile. Typically done so the besmeargler and the besmearglee are the only parties privy to the action.
Bro, I was trying so hard to be mad at my girlfriend for embarrassing me at youth group but she besmeargled me so hard. Man, I’m so frustrated by how much I love her
by DiamondDick9 May 23, 2020

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Infernal machine
Target numero uno for any misunderstood, so-called “super-villain” worth his weight in chutzpa.

This famous London clock tower was erected to spit in the face of all that is sacred in this world, namely modern architecture, freewill, and female empowerment. Some say it was constructed by Satan himself as a gift to Queen Victoria for bringing British colonization into its full glory, others say otherwise, who really knows? What’s known for sure is somewhere in the machinery, Adolf Hitler has stowed himself away and has been making a muck of Parliament’s morning schedules ever sense.
Westminster Guard #1: Arrest that mustachioed man with the wriggle fingers, he’s slandered our Big Ben

Guard #2: You mean he’s slandered Elizabeth Tower.

Guard #1: Oh shove a meat pie up your buttocks ya eggheaded prat
by DiamondDick9 May 07, 2020

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When a woman arches her back over a man so while she’s slurping his man-meat, he’s both eating her ass and diddling her clam. Requires intense focus and discipline to get the most out of
I never thought I’d ever give a rim job, then my wife showed me the Inverted 69
by DiamondDick9 May 10, 2020

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The state of having never been brought to orgasm by another individual, physically (This means imagination doesn’t count. Imagination never counts). Cumginity is a lot more sacred than virginity because if you didn’t cum, sure it happened, but it doesn’t feel like it did.
Woman #1: I’ve never actually...
Woman #2: OMG, you’re a cumgin?
Woman #1: A what?
Woman #2: You never lost your cumginity? We are going to have to find you an attentive man right away!!!! Wow, and here I just thought you were a total slut. I’m so sorry. Hugs
by DiamondDick9 May 09, 2020

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The other side of the coin from boot licker.
Thinks all cops are bastards and that organized crime isn’t toxic to society.
Thinks they’re tough and street, but really, they are just letting themselves be held hostage.
Guy #1: See that proud MAGA supporter shove that cop and get away with it. Power to the people!

Guy #2: Damn son, I didn’t realize you were a gang licker
by DiamondDick9 January 19, 2021

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n. short for voluntary chastity,

The diametric opposite of an incel.
Someone who doesn’t fuck around, because the peeps fuckin’ around them are scoundrels, not worth fuckin’ with.
One path to enlightenment, though there are many others.

Can be male or female.

Not a prude. Just above the fuckers tryina bring ‘em down to their shitty ass depths.
Guy 1: Yo, that mathlete is such an incel, I think he might be a terrorist!

Guy 2: Nah slime brah, he’s a volchaz. Dude knows what he’s worth
by DiamondDick9 September 07, 2020

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