Theoretical method of faster than light travel, made popular through use in many science fiction texts including Stargate. Describes a subspace 'tunnel' created between two points in space that dramatically reduces the time required to travel between them. While potentially plausible under some scientific theories including relativity, there's no way to know if wormholes actually exist, or can be created.
Captain Kirk flew his spaceship into the wormhole.
by Greg May 1, 2004
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A phenomenon that has a way of completly absorbing the attention of its user. It usually has a flat surface, it is some sort of technological device, it illuminates bright colors from its surface, and is usually connected to the information superhighway.
I told Esmeralda my entire day today; fom the coffee I spilled on myself this morning to my car wreck on the way home tonight. It wasn't until after I saw her staring down at her phone that I realized she was in the wormhole and did not hear a thing I said!
by Pablo the poolboy February 18, 2013
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adj; the act of placing two men's penises in a chinese finger trap

n; two men's penises in a chinese finger trap
Dude, me and my boy wormholed the other day, his girl jerked both of us off with one hand, at the same time.
by Mike the Sparrow August 15, 2012
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Wang in wang sex.

Contrasted from docking (which is pedestrian in comparison), wormholing involves actually inserting the penis into the urethra of another penis.
Oh dear God no. Fuck! No, please don't. Oh goddamn, oh goddammit! (wormhole)
by dr_teeth May 15, 2006
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Gate travel via wormhole is one way. A person cannot go through the gate, leave it open, and then step back through it. The gate has to be stopped and then restarted from the opposite planet in order to travel back to the other end. The only thing thing that can travel two ways through the gate are radio waves (which the MALP transmits back to Earth).
The wormhole automatically shuts down after 38 minutes
by Apophis November 29, 2004
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A theoretical sexual maneuver based on the scientific application of the wormhole. One’s fist is inserted into either the anus or vagina of another and is pushed deeper and deeper until the hand comes out of the mouth. The fisting of the urethra is also acceptable. A lot easier on dead people.
John wormholed Sally.
by Chris Jones February 1, 2005
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When a person inserts their hand into the hanging shirt of someone leaning over, passing through the legs from behind, past the chest, and, ideally, reaching the pot of gold: the face, in order to sequentially tickle all aforementioned parts
Bobby: Meg was working out and I have her a wormhole
Wellington: No way, dude!
Bobby: She thought it was hilarious, said she'd never felt anything like it before.

Chad: Ben wormholed me and fuckin tickled my face, I'm gonna beat his ass
Thad: It's OK, man, he ran upstairs, chill out
by legendsword2 February 6, 2017
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