Infernal machine
Target numero uno for any misunderstood, so-called “super-villain” worth his weight in chutzpa.

This famous London clock tower was erected to spit in the face of all that is sacred in this world, namely modern architecture, freewill, and female empowerment. Some say it was constructed by Satan himself as a gift to Queen Victoria for bringing British colonization into its full glory, others say otherwise, who really knows? What’s known for sure is somewhere in the machinery, Adolf Hitler has stowed himself away and has been making a muck of Parliament’s morning schedules ever sense.
Westminster Guard #1: Arrest that mustachioed man with the wriggle fingers, he’s slandered our Big Ben

Guard #2: You mean he’s slandered Elizabeth Tower.

Guard #1: Oh shove a meat pie up your buttocks ya eggheaded prat
by DiamondDick9 May 7, 2020
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A sexual act where a man (or woman) engages in fisting with their partner while wearing a wrist-watch.
Steve lost his Rolex inside of Diane while performing a Big Ben on her.
by Robert Sacamano September 28, 2012
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A name given someone who works the bare minimum hours as per their contract, aka a Clock Watcher.
I cannot get John to stay back 1min to finish that report he is such a Big Ben.
by A&JNOT June 21, 2021
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A man whore... the clock is ticking down the time until he gets with another girl
He is the stereotypical alpha male in high school.
tick tock, tick tock
watch out -- i hear Big Ben is coming to town
by Sailor Tiff January 17, 2009
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Big Ben is a person with ginger hair,massive muscles,great dress sense and fat chains. Big Ben spends all his time at the gym he only leaves for a shag or a fight. Never mess with him because he will destroy you!
Big Ben is coming RUNNNN
by Ams gang December 30, 2019
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bĭg Beh-N

A spirit that possesses people by the name of Ben thought to have originated from a gladiator type person who's soul lives on and possesses people into acting like them for a period of time.
He is no longer Ben he is Big Ben!
by SOTS Study Of The Spirit November 7, 2021
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person #1: "Hey, What time is it?"
person #2: "Hold on let me look, Big Ben says it 3:45"
by Spencer Burns November 13, 2005
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